The BST Thread (Buy, Sell, Trade)

Morphagene: $500
Volca Sample: $120

Includes shipping to CONUS. Open to offers.

Interested in:
Data bender
Cockpit 2

EDIT: Photos!


I’ve been meaning to post these here for sale for forever. Sorry for the delay as I know some of you were interested in these.

I have stock of the MF-A01 and MF-A02 black Boss knobs with the set screw in 6.35mm. Below is a size chart.

A01: .45 cents each A02: .49 cents each

Message me if anyone is interested.

@heckseven I wish I had the cash to get that Morphagene from you. I really want that module! In time… :slight_smile:


is the firmware up to date on the Volca ? , walwart power ? . and I am assuming at that price point its the first version not the 2 .

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It is the v1. The firmware is pajen’s unofficial firmware to add features and, more importantly, makes it so you can control all the sounds with a single midi channel (instead of one channel per sound). It’s easy enough to restore it by doing the normal “update” flow. If you would prefer the official firmware, I can do that for you.

The Volca’s don’t come with a wallwart. Or at least mine did not (was purchased new and I still have the box I think). I would be happy to include one.

This one also comes with a 3D printed stand, which I quite like.

Also, I might throw in an extra surprise or two for anyone on the forums that purchases a device from me. :slight_smile:

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sounds good , I actually had to look up exactly what the thing is and the few videos I came across mentioned the updating being a pain . I am interested , its looks like a lot of fun . if you still have it this weekend I may take it off your hands . sell it though if you get the chance , its not that I really need it lol.


Hey all,

I have one more PCB for my 8-step 2-voice Arduino sequencer available. It comes with BOM and panel drill guide, schematic and Arduino sketch. Price is 11 euros, excluding shipping.


[edit] It’s gone!


So stoked for this. Already have most of the parts on the way. Just waiting on the PCB.


Do you have any left of the telec16 modules?

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Yeah buddy! Got at least 5 sets!

Got a 3.5mm to 1/4” adapter module you could probably put to use as well since you’re a euro guy. I made it for my beatstep outputs


You should have said that to my parents 20 years ago, when I had to secretly practice in the basement with a borrowed guitar. When they caught me, I had to stop. And what can I say … addicted to heroin for about 15 years now …

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In! if you still have it, I would get one.

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5 Braids Though Hole panel / PCB and 5 Transistor Ladder Filter panel / PCB sets will be available. I need to take a trip for some office supplies, wrap them for their shipment and be ready to take trips for shipping them. I got the sets at JLCPCB. They deserve to go to homes of some of you here or I guess maybe some more are on Discord.

Upcoming info on how to get them shortly.

-Fumu / Esopus


I will take one of those!

interested , let us know how to get a hold of these .

I’m in for one of each assuming you are not shipping from europe.

New York City.

-Fumu / Esopus


Most definiely interested - I’ll be lookign out for the updates!

I would take one of the Braids, but sadly i´m in Europe… :frowning:

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(The control board in the zip package is smaller than 10×10 cm, so you can get it for $2-3 plus shipping from JLCPCB depending on lead-free or not. Add another $12 for the panel. Shipping depends on where you are, obviously, but probably around $15-20 to Europe.)

I’ve been on your list to get a Braids set from you for like 3 months. I hope that I am still on that list for one of these sets. Let me know please. I messaged you about it a while ago but never heard back. If not I may just order a set on my next JLCPCB order.