String Thing 3 axis controller

by Nervous Squirrel, with a couple cameo LMNC appearances:

Cool module! Wonder where he’s sourcing enough devices for production.


Cool module



Thanks for posting the video on here! I collected a load of the controllers from eBay over about 6 months, just picking up the cheapest. There are lots for sale, and of course you get two cable reels per controller. Strangely most of them seem unused - unwanted gifts perhaps…


I dont suppose there are any plans for a Kosmo format version?

It looks fun as heck!


It should not be complicated, it’s just the same as @analogoutput Joystick module, but with a third channel added.
But you have to find that joystick with string gizmo… I didn’t find any, don’t know what keywords to use to find some…

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I’d love to do a Kosmo format one at some point (as well as 5U and Buchla), but I could make you a eurorack to Kosmo adapter panel:

I have one String Thing left in stock at the moment:

@eric Search for “Gametrak golf controller”


Thank you !
I would never have found them… never heard about this game controller…

Now hunting for a good deal :slight_smile:

You should be able to find one cheap, and you get two reels in one unit!

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It’s the shipping to France which costs a leg…
On ebay, I found a few under 40€, but with 40€ shipping…

Still looking on other used-stuff sites… preferably from France or E.U. because of the shipping and taxes…

In fact I’ve thought about a 3-channel version for use with a 3-axis joystick but haven’t done it.