Wtiches Brew Joystick V1.3 Interested?

Hey everybody. I am starting to get more time again and made a pretty much finalized PCB for my Witches Brew Joystick Stackable v1.3. It has been so going because a bathroom renovation so it has been slow going.

I know a few where interested in a product like this. I was wondering if I could gauge the interest in the use of this board. I am planning on releasing the gerber files and maybe shipping some PCBS if people are interested that don’t have a lot of time. I hope you are all doing well. It was a real learning experience with doing the artwork and prototyping. But really feels like it paid off with the finalized version.

POLL:“Would you be interested in simple modular PCBs that is designed and aimed too be user friendly for starter Syth D.I.Yers”

Control voltage joystick

•Clearly Labeled Sections on PCB/Schematic and low parts count for beginners.
•X and Y Axis CV for Joystick
•Panel Mounted Offset/Range Knobs X/Y Axis
•Offset Postive/Negative Voltage LED Indication
•Passive Attenuator Output

Project Webpage


Looks good, I actually have a joystick coming one of these days though I’m not in a hurry to build anything with it. If Gerbers are available I’ll probably add it in to one of my board orders. Thanks.

I’m still interested!

I am also interested .

The bottom image (lighter blue) is the back, solder side, right ?
The pads are covered with silkscreen, I hope the manufacturer will clip it to the solder mask…

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yes want 2 pcb and the beginner synth stuff is great too, so lets do it. If I could get pcb for ir and not really gerber file friendly thanks

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Yep. I’m in. This looks rad.

1 for me please!!!

Yeah the lighter blue one is the backside (lighter because of a ground plane). Rev 1.2 version I ordered they exposed the copper pad under the solder mask when I ordered from JLC PCB. So I am pretty sure even if silkscreen overlays through holes or copper pads. It is standard practice to ignore silkscreen covering copper pads.


Great design. In my list. Long way off yet.


I’d also like 2 of these please if you can do it. If not let me know and when you post the Gerbers I’ll get some printed.

Great idea! Was looking for something like this.


I would like to get one.

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looks like you are getting into the dozens of wants , I know I would take two also .

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so have you finished the pcb manufacturing yet as of 9/18/22? Just curious seemed like a great project ad I am still interested alot .

@Circulartonic has not visited here since July 2021, and the project page seems not to have been updated since about then.

Those interested in a Kosmo format joystick module (or make your own mods for Eurorack or other format) may want to check out AO joystick Kosmo module.