Silent Strike (Ioan Titu)'s QB Modular Cube

Silent Strike made this beautiful Modular Cube a few years ago and a newer video popped up and reminded me of how amazing it is.


Oh that reminds me of an hexagonal synth.
It was quite big, and meant to be played by several people.
I believe the case was orange…
Anybody seen this and has a link ?

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Typing “orange hexagonal synth” into the google thing brought me here: :grinning:

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That’s not the one I remember.
It looked somewhat like this :
Untitled (1)
It was at least one meter in diameter, if not more.
And orange, except for the modules which where black.

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@BoneMusic is building a “tardis synth”, they say, but this looks even more tardisy.

Huh. Spell check doesn’t like “tardisy”.


My random clicking also brought up this orange hexagon, but it’s only ~80 cm across:


aaah thats cool! like a synthesiser cake stand Tardis. the ultimate wedding cake stand!


That’s it !
I would have bet the modules where blacks…
But it is even cooler this way :slight_smile:
Memory isn’t what is was…

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Literally a cake stand from an abandoned project screwed to a round cheeseboard with modules stuck to it in a haphazard way :grin:

Maybe I should leave some space for actual cake…

I mean yeah that cube is beautiful but does it actually travel in time and space?

Am I allowed to post this? Anyway the cake stand isn’t very modular at the moment!

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Ah but the ‘Orac’ synth can do so much more

I bet it can travel in tie and space if you are good enough at C++ :slight_smile:

It’s a great idea