Extraordinary builds

The videos of Love Hulten speak for them selves:

Korg Minilogue Mod

Conceptual vocal synthesizer

DX84 / A refaced DX / FM synthesizer


MCP - Cassette Player

Voxarray 61 - DIT modular synthesizer


That VOC-25 looks like it would be perfect for Sam’s museum!


The DX-84… green/purple/yellow… :slight_smile:


More noisy :slight_smile:

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Check this build out! looks like it could be fun with an OBA and piezo set up =)


Fascinating project. Is it just me, or is this guy really careless with power tools? I had to close my eyes for some scenes.

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I think he says in it that he’s not a good wood worker, or that was in a different video. I just went on a little rabbit hole on his channel. But, yeah… his jigsaw on that curve was confusing the second time round lol.
If it works, embrace the jank =)

I recently watched like all his vids haha. Love this guy. I’m tempted to do Patreon to get his book

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I’m gonna save a good few, they seem interesting to dip in n out of =) His popcorn pipes video got me tempted too. When he said “and i have sample packs… for patreon’s”