Random Soundscapes

Hi all. Merry New Christmas. I would like to head down the random soundscape path. What modules would people suggest that I build. I enjoy building but am not a circuit designer so I would be buying from the big guns on Kosmodulargrid. Thanks.

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In the DIY field I’d start making microphones and contact mics to capture live action. A sampler maybe, and as many types of delay. . . Then pile in.


Take a few reverb modules, cascade them, take their outputs and feed them back into the cascade at various stages at various signal amplitudes / volumes. Then put some arbitrary sound on the input and you are on your way.


Sample & Hold module ?


As has been mentioned elsewhere, there are some nice modules for generating random, chaotic, or just unusual signals from Nonlinear Circuits and Barton.

I can recommend the NLC Sloth Chaos and Neuron/Difference Rectifier. They have others I haven’t tried.

Barton has Random Rhythms, Random Resonator, and Infrared Input among others — I haven’t built these.

Both makers design with Eurorack in mind but you can buy just the circuit boards and wire them to Kosmo front panels. (Plug: I have a Neuron/Diff Rect Kosmo panel for sale here.)


A passive matrix mixer is an easy project and adds so much scope