Behringer Brains in Kosmo format?

Has anyone considered creating a front panel that will allow the conversion of the Behringer Brains module from euro to Kosmo format? Could make a really cool and affordable Kosmo module!

I’ve seen panels to mount euro into a kosmo rack before. IMO you may as well just have a euro sized full rail or a second small case if you are going down this route though.

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I made one for Braids a while back - I sent someone here on the forum the Gerbers for it, not sure if they ever made em or not.


Hey man! It was me :rofl:

Did you ever get the ones I mailed you?


hmmm i think i did - lol i probably threw em in my KOSMO box already - meaning my box of 40+ unbuilt KOSMO modules lolololol, outta site outta mind so i forget what is around sometimes haha

I forgot that was you :smiley:


I bought the Brains and planned to make a custom frontplate and remove jacks and wire 1/4" to their places, but it fit so well in my eurorack setup, that I’ll probably leave it there. Could also be a good idea to have even a one modular case that is filled and in theory can be used for live performances.
But technically, is there any real problems why that conversion would not work if you don’t break anything when desoldering?