Kosmoduino - A Kosmo/Arduino Project

I’m starting this thread to commit myself to a project I’ve tried and failed to start a few times now, but it’s time to push through to attain the sounds I’m after. I might need some help along the way, and it’d be great to get input ideas from the community here as well.

I am trying to design a PCB/Panel for a programmable, Arduino Nano based KOSMO module that will allow me to implement in hardware ideas I need for my musical projects.

It will feature:

  • Three 1/4" board-mounted Inputs (0-5V), 1 1/4" board-mounted Output (0-10V) and 3 board-mounted Potentiometers
  • Two bi-color LEDs, for feedback
  • Arduino and Eurorack Power connectors on the rear of the module
  • 5cm Wide, Kosmo-height Panel

My attempts so far have been built on @analogoutput 's ‘DAC/INO’, which is in turn based on the ‘Synapse’ project.

Some software I’d like to build:

  • Clock Synced LFO
  • Ranger / Range LFO
  • Quantizer
  • Sample and Hold
  • Portamento
  • Melody Generator
  • Octaver
  • Euclidean Rhythm Generator
  • Motor Quantizer
  • Bezier Envelope Generator
  • Clap Enveloper Generator
  • Vult-based filters and oscillators (maybe!)
  • CV Looper (if memory allows)
  • Chordizer (With multiple modules)
  • Logic Gates
  • Clock Divider / Multiplier
  • Arpegiator

This weekend, I’m hoping to finalize the schematic and start working on the board layout and panel, assuming the weather isn’t too nice to keep me inside. Results will be made available as gerbers that anybody can send off to a manufacturing shop.

More updates soon!


I’m looking forwards to this! I’ve been wanting to do kind of the same thing.

Good luck, nice to see directional labels being used :slight_smile:

Little more progress today inbetween painting panels today.

I’m now faced with a design decision and I could use some community input:

There is an unused output channel from the DAC - would you prefer it be sent to an empty pad to be used as a potential second analog output for those who want the option, our would it be better to use it to control the LED with precision that I expect won’t be possible from a digital output pin? I’m leaning towards LED control, but if there is an overwhelming desire for expansion possibilities (or a better way to control the LED), I’m more than open to it.

You can control an LED with great precision using a digital output with PWM. It might be worth taking this output to a pad.

Add a couple of digital outs, they are handy for trigger/gate…

I would go for the second analogue output.

Okay! Let’s get untangling…