Price reductions


The TB3 for 95€ amongst other cool things !!!

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Here are a few bits of software thats a good price.



Or individual if you dont want all in that bundle. These are the goodies:


You can also select Reason Lite Rack Plugin as a free gift when ordering from pluginboutique.

Reason Lite Rack Plugin

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I´ve worked with Reason a long time ago :slight_smile:


Yeah, its nice, but i was never happy working with it as a daw. Now that it’s plugin-ified im happy. I used to rewire reason into FL to make for a better experience.

I just wish the interface scaled to post 2008 era. Maybe this one does, but ill have to see.


Synthcube sale’s been extended through Monday.


I took advantage of a Bela offer: £10 off any five of their highly versatile touch sensitive Trill sensors if you quote the code MERRYTRILL in checkout. They throw in a free Trill hub so you can run them and many other I2C sensors simultaneously.

Black Friday doesn’t make a lot of sense in the UK context. This one is billed as a “holiday” offer and runs until December 14.

One day I’ll have enough energy to incorporate these lovely gadgets into a build.


Samples from Mars is on sale right now. All of their samples for 39 bucks.


Thank you !
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just what I needed 8 million more samples , it is a good deal though can’t pass that up …

They actually sound good to which is kinda important lol.

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yeah I got them , its been a little while sense I have bought any software needed a fix . going to be days going through them , there is a lot of good content there .

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Changing the topic’s name again because bots keep finding this thread and spamming. Hopefully this is descriptive enough, but not in any of their keywords.


Not quite a sale…but…Sonicware announced pre-orders last night for a new addition to their Liven line the “Xfm” they are tossing in a free carrying case for the limited pre-orders:

I backed the 8-bit warps on Kickstarter which was the first in the liven line and it blew me away. In fact my only real complaint about it is that I’m not a HUGE chiptune fan and wished it had more than just the 8-bit chiptune inspired sound engines.

The XFM is the same basic hardware…but with FM engines instead (and I think they may have expanded the sequencer a bit with support for 4 tracks…I’m pretty sure the 8-bit warps only has a 1 track sequencer…but it’s got so many features packed into it I’m still trying to figure them all out!)

I REALLY don’t need another FM synth…but the 8-bit warps impressed me so much I jumped on the pre-order for this last night.

Ok - I will say there are two things I’m less than 100% in love with about the 8-bit warps.

  1. It’s a little cheap/plasticky feeling:

  1. it’s a little confusing to learn due to how many functions there are and how each knob/key can do 3-4 different things depending on which modifier you use with it.

But - at the same time it’s compact and light and runs a long time off a couple of AA batteries so it’s blast to just take with you and play anywhere. The built in speaker is even pretty decent.

The warps is nice…just a bit novelty being chiptune oriented. My daughter absolutely loves it though. Swapping to an FM engine is just too much for me to pass up.

Oh - and the warps was a little later than expected - but that was mostly due to COVID messing up supply lines and they still delivered sooner than some other projects that were hit by COVID. They also had a few FCC/CE certification issues but those were worked out and since the hardware is the same I doubt that will cause any delays this time.


Of course you can get Nucleus for free, but they also have a free VST of the Moog Concertmate MG-1.


Another Trill touch sensor, another discount. Trill Flex comes with a strip of flex-PVC so it will follow a curved surface while providing functions similar to the Trill bar. £15 each, £3 off with the discount code HELLOFLEX . Offer ends March 15th.