Power Consumption Specs of all Modules?

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Has anybody ever found or tested out, what the exact amount of power is, each and every module needs? That would be a very handy thing to know, when planning and working on a case…

Im curious.

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to be honest! it would most certainly be very handy and I should most definitely do this! because to be honest right up to this point I have gone with the rule “if it causes the voltage regulators to auto shut off its too much current” haha. I will set up a rig in the next few days and do this.

funny story! I was on a show on canal+ in Paris 3 years ago it was around the time my DIY synth got quite big and chunky to play live. and I was over stretching my power supplycv(I was up for days figuring out the setup for the tv show) and I still didn’t understand why one of my cases shut off sometimes, and low and behold it shut off in the first shot of me playing on live tv in France, but I managed to play it out with the rest of the modules in the other cases! luckily a quick google search on the way home answered this!

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Maybe that can help you
@analogoutput did a circuit to test each module, i don’t find it in the forum but here’s in his website


THANKS ALOT for that reply Sam !
That would be bangin :slight_smile:
I might not be quick enough in building to overdrive my “1200mA - psu” before you put out that information, but ill be very happy to have that information in the future !

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Nice Story !

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Results of my consumption test. Tested with nothing plugged in but all LEDs were turned on if possible. the safety valve (mine has bypassed 27r) pulls a lot more current than shown in table until it heats up, something to keep in mind.

missing bounce (not built) and midi-to-cv (not finished)