Buying a "variable voltage supply"

Hey guys,
I’d like to buy a variable voltage supply like this here. Do you have any recommendations on what should I look for in the device?

If it’s for synth work, you need a symmetrical one, providing both +V and -V.
Or two singles… (the linked one is a single)

Then determine the max Amps you’ll need, and the max voltage. This all depends on what you’ll be using it for.

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Yes - I looked at these but shied away as I wasn’t convinced that you could get symmetrical ±12V out of it.


Note that the one you link to is a buck (step-down) converter with a nice front panel, not a power supply. You need an actual power supply to get some power out of it, and maybe an enclosure unless you want to build that yourself :slight_smile:

(and if you’re ok with waiting, you can get it for cheaper from Rui Deng’s official store at They’re also on Banggood, I think. If you’d rather pay some extra to get everything in one package and reasonably fast, Reichelt has complete kits.)

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See discussions here


Thanks guys,
I’d obviously get one that I can get the most out of. What is a good level of max Amperage, Voltage…?