Possible cs-80 filters?

Hey are there any filters that come close to sounding like a cs-80 filter? I know there are modules like the MOTM 480 and old crow modules, but I can’t seem to find a lot of available PCBs and the parts for them, and also the price is a little high, especially since I’m planning to buy a quantity of them. Any suggestions?

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Why not try this? Make a Kosmo faceplate for it? Says in stock…$15 isn’t too bad

Edit I guess if you needed a few that could add up quick


It’s open source, repo here

so if you wanted to do some modification of it you could start from that.


What is special about the cs-80 filter? From what I gather it’s a two stage state variable


How would I be able to view the files and edit the pcb layout? I’m kind of familiar with designing and uploading designs on easyeda and pcbway, but not exactly with the files the github link has?

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I think you’d need to be a little careful here - the filter cards are for the Shruthi - which doesn’t really follow eurorack/kosmo specs, and some communication may be digital from the Shruthi main card. The filter core, however, may be more or less easy to extract from the design…