Filter wish list

The release of the 1114 FILTER GRR has sent me down a real rabbit hole thinking about filters and reading up on different filter designs and “famous filters” from history.

It got me to thinking; My dream modular synth would be one rack with all the basic modules, and another rack just as big (or bigger) loaded with lots and lots and lots of filters.

I’ve already got two of Sam’s 1114s on the way, and a collection of Frequency Central Whitefaces (ARP4023 clones), and I’ve been drooling over the Vult Vorg (MS-20) and Behringer system 55 high and low pass Moog clones.

I was wondering, what’s on your dream filter rack?


My dream filter is a STUBER…

But im not paying 1300 for a filter… lol


Mentioned before : a well made MS-20 and a ships wheel for the sweep.

Looking for a nice, simple BPF with good key-tracking CV. I’m a simple man.

I’d also like a clock-synced delay with send/return so I can make dub techno with it…

Bit of a rogue shout but I’ve been interested in one for a while:

A filter that helped define jungle/dnb, condensed into a module! It’s also cool to see filters that aren’t lifted/adapted from the classic 70s analogue synths (as great as they are)

More typical demo here:


This is why I wanted to start this chain; I’m not that into that genre, so I’d never heard of an Akai S950… But those are some really cool sounds.


My favourite filter in my (small, gathering dust) Euro case is the GodsBox Humpback.

Some day…


MS-10 Filter plz. Dual, if possible in a 10, 15, or 20cm wide Kosmo panel.

That said, what I really want is a quad VCA/mixer, but with filters instead of VCAs.




I never thought I’d see talk of Stuber here. :smiley:

I make boards and a KOSMO module for what is the core of Stuber - the Duber :slight_smile:

The Stuber takes the Hi and Lo Pass of the State Variable Filters out to comparators and then into binary ripple counters - using those as modulations for the state variable filters differential CV inputs! :smiley:

I am literally saving for a Stuber right now - y’all should buy my Rolz euro modules so I can finish paying off my Stuber lol :stuck_out_tongue: lol
Heres the beauty im saving for