Pictures and videos submit for this weekends lmnc vid

I feel like I should be upset that the best sound I’ve made with my synth was by unplugging it. But…I’ll take what I can get :rofl:


4 voice LMNC and some forum friends stuff to .

and the ever growing modular monster .
always wanted a modular . Sam’s go for attitude and info finally got me going . and thanks to all on the discourse forum for your help and inspiration .


Wow dude your wall is getting huge!



Hmm, looks like you have a few skeletons in your cupboard.


I think I speak for a lot of folks when I say that this forum has been instrumental in making 2020 more bearable.

Name: Caustic


My Kosmo setup with primarily stripboard layouts and PCB front panels. I also made a DIY MIDI controller with 16 POTs and 5 Rotary encoders.

Kosmo Modular:

NES Advantage controller gate interface:

DIY MIDI controller:

I have added a video that shows it in action controlling a VST called Diva in Fl Studio. Sorry for the hiss, i dont exactly have a setup to properly capture these things, i had to rig something out of cardboard to tape my phone to.

Here is a closeup of the screens output of all the knob states:


This is the first synth module I designed and it has become my avatar for synthesizer related social media.
It’s a Kosmo format dual AR Envelope Generator module inspired by your design.

It was also my first Instagram post ever :

I would be honored if you mentioned my Synthesizer on an FPGA project in your video.
It is all in this forum thread: Implementing a Synthesizer in an FPGA

Feel free to pick any part of my Instagram or from my PASDE2 YouTube channel:

I would recommend either this Instagram post:
(Can one lift clips from Instagram?)

or a few seconds from this video, starting here:

Thanks! And happy anniversary of sorts, your creativity and dynamism have definitely been an inspiration and motivational force for me over the last couple of years.


Whaaaat! Look at that thing!

Does it make sounds?


Nope, no power supplies :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah that’s a nice setup !

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hahahaha go on pop a pic of your pet on here! ill pop it in between for jokes :smiley:


cool! all of these are grand thanks.

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looking g goooooood

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woah! thats really got going haha


awesome stuff!±!!! the new controller too sick


yeah awesome Antoine! always been a fan of the yellow and green good colour combo!


@lookmumnocomputer, you’ll want the pets thread

Here’s Snuggles:

And with Birdie:


@lookmumnocomputer I’ve rendered a short video summing up my projects for this year. To my surprise I counted 10 (and there are still 2 months to go this year) !?

[Edit] included S&H in the video


I think I speak for a lot of folks when I say that this forum has been instrumental in making 2020 more bearable.

And doggable.


thanks! They’re quite convenient, as well: a short-circuit is detected immediately as well as some possible causes of de-tuning (due to voltage supply issues. been there, done that…)

Yeah, I noticed that when I had already cut out the holes for the V-A meters and the scope. The meters and the scope alone would have already resulted in quite some face…
Couldn’t turn the board around though, unfortunately…

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yep! well 11 technically this year. the lfo and filter was the end of last year, I remember I put the oscillator up in first 2 weeks of January so it would seem yes 11. ok some were more like 2 came at once twice, but all in all somehow managed to get back into time with 1 to spare. (mixer is a bit of a boring one I don’t think it counts haha)

October 19 1113 Filter
November 19 1145 LFO
December nothing 19 :frowning:
January 20 1222 VCO
February 20 1157 ADSR
March/April 20 1181 and 1183 VCA’s
May 20 2399 Triple Splashback
June 20 1161 Buffered mult
July 20 1007 Midimuso
August or maybe they ended up being September 20 2000 mega drone 1163 mixer
October 20 1114 Filter GRR and 1171 Offset Boost Attenuvert. (albeit 2 days before the end of October but still ill take that haha)

So apart from when bogged down with kilo drone technical issues seemed to keep to it haha.

hopefully will be able to moving forward too as there are MANY modules to get through!! Some will be a bit more odd and elaborate, and some bread and butter.


Cool, this approach reminds me a little of the red special guitaar by Brian May! :slight_smile:

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