Opinion: the forum has too many pinned topics!

So, I was browsing from a laptop I rarely use and saw the logged out version of the forums, and was reminded of something most of us have no reason to notice: there’s really a LOT of pinned threads of limited relevance to new users:

There’s only room left for the 5 most recent threads! A logged out prospective member user might see a lot of threads last updated last year, and think this place is inactive.

The forums have a huge wealth of good information (duckduckgo brought me here all the time before I joined), and most of the pinned threads are not exceptionally useful by our standards. Pinned are often about pretty random topics, and they focus a lot on building the official LMNC modules when the community has broadened its scope.

Instead of a lot of random pins, I think we could really use making a community wiki thread that provides an index of sorts of interesting old threads (maybe I should kickstart such a wiki thread?)


Maybe, and maybe some of the X ones above should be moved to the FAQ category.


sounds good. With the limits of discourse, we have tried to use pins for various threads and its kinda grown out of control.

We now only have 8 pinned threads, and I have reclassified many previously pinned threads into FAQ category where it seemed appropriate.

You can search discourse with “in:pinned” to see pinned threads. I hope this tidy’s things up a bit round here.


Hmm, when I search in:pinned I see 11 topics, not 8. The 8 mentioned above plus:

I’d say at least the last two of these if not all three should not be pinned. I’d also unpin About the Videoos category. If I were in charge. Which I am not, thankfully.

I have received feedback about cheap component search and the tuner module is in an appropriate place. I think the number of pins is much more under control atm when you select a specific category.

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