Not getting political about my DIY Eurorack case - Starting a video series about my builds!

Something I’ve been working on the last few days–just picked up DaVinci Resolve, no clue what I’m doing, but this video editing stuff is fun.
I might turn this into a more regular video series depending on how people react to it.

Peertube version:

Youtube version:

I’ve tried to make this first episode a bit of an intro to my creative universe. For pretty self-explanatory reasons, putting my face and voice out there like this is not something I do lightly, but the modular synth world is a little bit more enlightened than most, so I trust it won’t be more trouble than it’s worth.

Let me know what you think! I’m obviously very new at this whole video stuff, I will try to improve the video and audio quality next… and I really need to learn how to actually use Resolve properly.


Just a tad bit radical as a hobby” <applause> Really enjoyed the video and will be looking for more content in the future.


Very good video, I’m looking forward for the next episodes. For me (as a german) the english subtitles arent necessary, but they dont disturbe my video experience.


Subtitles on videos are always necessary to me due to an auditory processing disorder, and i know i’m not alone in that, but YouTube’s autogenerated subs can’t handle my accent or jargon. Hardsubs let me control their position when they obscure something crucial, be playful with typography at times, control comedic timing, and they work on peertube.


What a fantastic start! Congratulations. I look forward to more episodes. Superb pace and editing.


Thank you. The reception everywhere so far has been wholly positive. I talked about a cardboard box for 23 minutes and somehow everyone says they love me :sunglasses: