My build progress

This is great, who made this?


Thx for the link, really good !

Now i imagine some bird’s module on several row like a perch, a bird modul’art system :grin:


I just bought an eurorack spring reverb diy-kit. I think I read something wrong, I thought that I was buying a much smaller reverb tank, but this is 43 cm wide. Well, maybe it’s gonna sound huge, I’m not complaining yet. Good thing that my eurorack case is over 84 hp :smiley:


Finished the MOOG ladder filter (strip board design by @EddyBergman, the one with the manually matched transistors). It sounds awesome!

I am still not happy with the “fake” reverse log pot but better than nothing until those arrive :sweat_smile:


I started out last year with the aim of building a MFOS WSG, but got side tracked by building some SSO’s to go along with it. Given that’s stalled till I build the Noodle Toaster, which wont be till I upgrade my soldering iron and buy all the bits, I decided to revisit the WSG. The intent was always to build it on a breadboard and try and understand what’s going on, before building it on stripboard, or perfboard, and sticking it in a case.

I had my booster jab the other day and it’s sort of knocked me sideways, to the point where I can’t concentrate for longer than about five minutes at a time. Which has prooved problematic at work the last couple of days. So I decided to sack the afternoon off and make a start.

Following the MFOS Weird Sound Generator Page 1 schematic, I started on Voice A, which includes the output stage. I didn’t quite get as far as the output stage, but did manage to get some weird noises!

R1 (Wacky Freq.) seems to work, R13 (Zany Freq.) also appears to do something, but neither R18 (Zaniness) or R9 (Weird Freq.) seem to change the output. As I don’t have the output filter stage, it’s all a bit quiet, so they may do something, I just can’t hear it. I think I may take those bits out and put them in again and see if I made a mistake somewhere.

It’s a start though, which is all that matters. Totally wiped out now, so off to vegetate on the sofa…


I was never happy with that reverse pot solution either but what ever you use the effectiveness of that pot lies in the last bit of the throw. That’s a known characteristic of this design. Als that it gets lower in volume when you up the resonance. It’s not an ideal filter but a good sounding classic non the less :slight_smile:


I recieved a nice alu box with a WSG and a Gristleiser a few weeks ago as I wanted to make a soundbox for my grandson, aged 2. The Gristleiser (or something like that will go into a box to vecome a pedal for my guitar), but I will add a PT2399 unit and wanted to either add a few more oscillators or some kind of VCA with the Chian vactrols.
I had an idea of somekind of sequenzer but realised that would be too much.
Now waiting for the echo module and will prelare the nice cast box to house a simple 1W amp (LM386), a speaker, a 9V battery holder and someting that has to go into a spare hole (for potentiometer).
Some colour (orange) some text for the prince’s mother so she can help create music with the boy.

Else, I have lost much of the velocity, high pressure and inspiration I had before Xmas, so I am just barely moving … :pensive:


I love this LEGO setup :laughing: is that DIY, or is it a kit?


They are @lookmumnocomputer’s Kosmo Mini’s. Just a shame there’s no stock of the 5010 Breadboard Helper Bundle Pack. :cry:


have just posted some! they will be in stock by end of the week :slight_smile:


You beauty! :tada: :star2:


Is there a way to only purchase the eurorack power strip without the lego adapter and standard power strip? I’m only actually using that one.

Going for electric Druid envelopes and a 13700 dual VCA today!


Stripped out the wires and components off my WSG breadboard and put them all back in the correct order. I found it a lot easier to follow David Haillant’s schematic, than the original one on the MFOS website. Apologies for the terrible audio, but you get the idea…

Going to have to change the orientation of the breadboard before doing Voice B, otherwise there’ll be too many long flying wires to those green topped POTs. Might do the filter and output section first before Voice B, haven’t quite decided.


My Digisound 80-16 remake is coming along nicely after a few initial issues. It’s a little fiddly, but you can really dial in some nice tones.


Spent some time futzing around with an MCU and OLED display this weekend:



put together a new cable tree from some salvaged wood and a little cart thing I pulled from the trash a while ago .


looking good. i need something similat

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So far so good!
Should be pretty nasty with 3 osc and some modulation