My build progress

Give fixing it a shot - it’s a cool module, I’m having fun with it! The way the pots interact is a bit odd, took some fiddling to get it figured out, but I’m getting some cool sounds out of it now.

Can’t help with the Shruthi - that’s the module tester back there, which is currently acting as my power supply. Hopefully getting a real power supply soon - I be reached the max draw and have to unplug half the rack to power up Bassline!

Here’s another report with photos on aluminum panels from JLCPCB:

which among other things confirms the silkscreen on back (which is important if you want the ID number to go there).

I actually just sent an order yesterday for a test panel but now I think I know enough to go ahead with an order without waiting for the slow shipping to arrive.


Alright, last update on this for a good while, I swear! I’m pretty freaking happy with it.

Cleaned up the side panels a bit, then this morning found a spare panel I had made up for the mixer - it’s only got holes for jacks so I chose which five patch points I wanted and hooked them up. I’ve got more wired to the buffer board though, so when I finish up the case I can patch everything I want.

So for now I’ve got

  1. Metalizer CV in
  2. Oscillator out (this is post-mixer so I can get everything and mix them off the one. Also post the internally wired connections - lfo to metalizer, pwm and pitch (amount controllable on knobs) and vibrato (controllable with modwheel)
  3. envelope 1
  4. envelope 2
  5. selectable LFO

Once I finish everything up this will give me a whole lot of options, but what I’m most excited about right now is as I said above, I have to unplug most of my rack to use Bassline, so now I’ve got an externally powered LFO, two envelopes and an extra oscillator. Woohoo!!

So, left to do:

  1. I’ve got new brackets coming Monday or Tuesday. I did up plastic templates then dropped them off at a steel shop I work with to do up something more permanent
  2. Decide what I want to do with the case long term, re-cut a new one, add in a front panel for jacks. I think I want the back to be easily removable without screws, so I need to have a think on that.
  3. Find my damn roll of velcro and clean up the wiring
  4. Keep soldering (this will be put on hold until I sort out the case)
  5. Mount the buffer board. Just need to find appropriate size spacers and screws. Been to a few hardware stores and can’t find something right and trying to avoid paying shipping on two screws and two standoffs. So I might just tape the board in place for now and grab those next time I order somewhere.

So, long way to go until it’s done where I want to be, but I’m extremely thrilled with it right now.


Today i’ve made half on a Dual AD/AR.

And like in all my cases i need one or two VCAs, i had build maybe 5 from Niklas Rönnberg with CA3080, i like it, but each time it was a little borring to convert his version (in 2 part and with the pot on the board)

so i prepared a stripboard layout


I just want to say how impressed I am with your stripboard prolificness.


(for the curious, schematics and some circuit analysis in this thread.)

(btw, the original design is from the ASM-1 “single PCB modular” by Gene Stopp (archived ASM-1 home page). Rönnberg redraw the schematics and made a stripboard layout, but the original is by Stopp, based on earlier work by Bernie Hutchins of Electronotes fame and opamp legend Walt Jung (who I’m pretty sure is behind the supply voltage trick that puzzled us in the other thread.))


Dual ADAR, i need to buy some 1M pot


Hey all,
I quickly wanted to thank all the people who are posting and answering questions. It has been super useful to me.
My build is going well. It is a fully working synth so I am going to pause now for a bit (so I can actually play with it). Coming back soon with more modules… I never thaught it would be so addictive.


LOL yeah been there doing that .



Finally done with the big mixer! Top row does not work but I already found that I forgot to solder the output socket -.- xD


looks like a baby 8 :slight_smile: , you must have lots of cab space

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I’ve just finished a Timbre module from NLC

i’ve made some couple of resistors or used trimmer to have some values :slight_smile:

and i need again a 15uf cap (EDIT : difficult to find and i’ve just seen in the BOM that a 10 or 20 uf don’t make difference, i’ll go to 10 :slight_smile: )


did you just copy the circuit from the end of the build guide?


Yes i’ve made a stripboard layout from this schem (with the mod write in description)


Finished up Duber to put in a case my friend made for me :slight_smile:

^ sound example


Hi there, here is my current progess of some MFOS modules. Next on the list are the gate/cv expander, a simple mixer and a midi interface, and eventually a second VCO.
I’ve planned to build one module each month, and until today this worked fine.



Nice ! welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

Today i’ve finished a little Buffered Multi with a switch for 2x3 or 1x6 output


Received my first fabed PCBs!

I found a site that has gerber files for a few modules that I would like to build. Most of them are dual PCBs BUT they are under the size limit to be ordered free from AllPCB! I’m in no rush here and definitely don’t mind waiting two months for a module.

Having never had PCBs made, I decided to run a test, putting through JLCPCB and AllPCB orders at the same time and comparing them. Heres my findings (so far)

What I was most curious about was the ordering processes, manufacturing time and cost.

  • I prefer the JLC ordering, just a more streamlined process and the gerber viewer is nice.
  • AllPCB is a bit more expensive, but doing the oddball PCB here and there nothing to really be concerned about, plus one PCB free a month. AllPCB shipped faster.
  • Manufacturing finished within a day of each other and I ordered them an hour apart. Again nothing to be concerned about. The JLC boards hung out at their factory for a couple days waiting to get picked up, but will still arrive here within a week of placing the order.

The JLC order is scheduled to be delivered on Friday, so with all this said, provided neither has messed up the order (and no reason to expect they would), no differences here really impact me. If ordering something I’ll just go with whatever is cheapest at any given point.

Here are the two module PCBs I ordered - a sample and hold and a 3340 VCO


Woop wooooop! I got my 1113 working and did my first patch n had a little play around.

Ill post a vid in a bit with the bloops =)
Heres that vid, its not a great (or confident) one… But hey, ill take any sign of progress at the moment =D