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I finished the MS-20 with high-pass switch.

At first I used a single bipolar LED, but that didn’t work, so I replaced it with two blue leds (one is behind the panel, because I didn’t want to drill another hole in the panel).


Happy that’s work and yes in this schem the leds play an important role with their reverse positivity connection (for resonance i think) and cannot be replaced by a single bipolar one.
must be work with diode too or other color led with little sound change i suppose. I use red one.


Love the retro science lab look!


An untried panel is a mistake. Trying is the path that curves to precision.

-Fumu / Esopus


What’s wrong with 75mm - most of my DIY Kosmo modules are 75mm. My 3 Filters, both of my 3340 VCO’s and my midibox sequencer interface are all 75mm. The “spec” just says “multiples of 2.5cm” as far as I see. And 75mm is just 3 2.5cm units. Sam may not have produced any 75mm modules but I think it’s about the perfect size for most things. 50mm is a bit tight for a lot of things…and 100mm is too tempting to cram too much in there :smiley:

I say we need more 75mm modules :+1:

That said…I probably would have gone 100mm on that particular one because 4 jacks across in 75mm IS a bit cramped for my tastes :smiley: But I also tend to like multiples of 3’s and most of my modules are therefore setup with 3 columns for jacks/knobs/switches which I find very pleasing at 75mm.


Scored a 1613 on eBay so I thought I’d make some cables for it!
With the suggestion of 2.1mm Barrels from @WesleyV - I came up with these :smiley:


After modifying the 8 step arduino sequencer, I tackled my 1st APC CD4017 sequencer with LFO.
It was not very clean inside ! :upside_down_face:
I modified the External Clock IN which was a bit rough: now it works fine with the modular. And I also added a Reset button for synchronization.

I will surely also look at my other old DIY sequencer (a 16 step gate, and a APC/CD40106, 8 step with lots of different LFOs, VCF) if I can update them :slight_smile:


I started working on a double envelope follower. These will be the oscillators for the sampling logic, the reset transistors and the 2 gate outputs:


Attenuators/Format Jumbler that I made today.


6 x analog sample and hold and 2 x mixer bits of the dual envelope follower I’m building:

and front panel:


A little vid of my 1rst Sequencer APC with the recent External Clock INPUT add.
Here triggering by the clock divider of my modular

I also added another switch to mute the internal clock (555) when I use an external one, because the impulses of the 555 caused the regularity of the external clock to vary slightly and occasionally.
A DPDT would have been better than 2 switches, but I didn’t have one.
The most important is that it works :slight_smile:


Wow, that must have been a difficult problem to solve. How did you find out that that was the case?

Wahou Nice job, I have a sparkfun tsunami too and I would to mod it for my modular. If you have more informations its could be cool :slight_smile: what is the maximum voltage to triggering a wave ? Thank you

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In fact not really, in first a put also a gnd to my panel :slight_smile:
and after with an external clock, with the rate pot of the internal clock adjust to very speed sometime it jump a step (or 2) , more detectable than when it was slow, so I tried to cut it squarely and it was good.

Il envoi du pâté ton apc / séquenceur :metal::metal:

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Hey there are some of my last 9v circuits for a poor man’s modular project :stuck_out_tongue:

The dual Shoosh VCA from “

Some passives LPG and one active LPG inspired by the colourwah pedal (beavisaudio)

Three dirty and messy vcf inspired by Q&D from Tim Escobedo

A utility module with gate to trig converters and dual delayed pulse/gate

A 9v diode ladder filter version by Tom Gamble from EFM

If you want more informations or schematics tell to me !!


I dont know if its the good place for this post…
An infrared trigger/gate generator, the module is fun and very fast to triggering a lot of things !!

More informations here =>

Sorry, Im going to make a new diy page for all the people who don’t have an instabitch account ! Work in progress…


Wow, you have been busy!


I was at home for over a year, indeed I spent whole days in the cables and burnt circuits… :stuck_out_tongue:

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