Mail Day Thread

Actual mail today. Some 2k for the BigButton and barrel power connectors for the cases.


Some 47nF ceramic disc capacitors just dropped through the door.


20 TL074 from Aliexpress, ordered them March 4, they were shipped March 10 according to the supplier (6 days processing time is kinda unusual). 10 days delivery is really fast. So I missed the ‘ic-shortage’?


Ciat-Lonbarde Tetrax :smiley:

Lol had it patched up before I even thought to take a pic!

Also Last Rights on vinyl finally came. :slight_smile:


By the look of it,

Skinny Puppy

Last Rites

would maybe fit as well.

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tell that to ogre in 1992… lol
I agree though.
Last Rites is the name of Paul Booths Tattoo studio - i know he’s a Skinny Puppy fan, always wondered if there was a connection.

Have you ever read any of Skinny Puppy’s lyrics?
They are often not complete sentences, most of it is poetry over industrial soundscapes.
Been a huge fan for a very long time.
The lyrics are often extreme metaphors or ogre has admitted to writing a jumble of words on a page, blindly circling a bunch, and making a song out of it. lol


No, I don’t know anything about Skinny Puppy. Never heard of them, her, him or it.

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an old favorite.


Oh, is this the video where he is holding a knife? That’s the first I found on youtube.

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probably the same show - really well known show for them - a lot of the early stuff was super dark and demented with their stage shows.
theyve calmed down a lot in their older age haha - but still put on an amazing show - got to catch them twice within a year a few years back :slight_smile:

yeah - same show - song was addiction with the knife.
fuck i love that song too. lol


I have received a package with a limited edition ‘K’ 4710 Safety Valve.


-Fumu / Esopus


Extra mixer and a safety valve arrived today :slight_smile:

Staying in the packages till I have another rack…
I’ve realized I have like over 20 modules between euro and KOSMO that I don’t have rack space for lolol.

So they will all remain unbuilt… I guess… lololol


The PCBs for my XVA1 User Interface and another FPGA board arrived, so now I can make two synths :slightly_smiling_face:



Wanted a stand alone mixer, also wanted a multitrack USB interface that was known to work with Linux.
This thing seemed to tick all the boxes.

Now I just have to build enough sound sources to fill it up :crazy_face:



I have the exact same model! I use it with Ubuntu and Reaper DAW, works like a charm!

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Getting a dedicated music laptop is the next step, got to fill up the piggy bank again first.
I’ve been looking into Reaper vs Ardour lately - may I ask what made you pick Reaper?
I run Ubuntu on my desktop, but was looking at Ubuntu Studio - have you used it?
Any other Linux music making tips/tricks you’d care to share?


I have no experience with Ardour. I was mainly using Audacity before, and then switched to Reaper when I needed multitrack recording. Not in the last place for Reapers indefinite free trial. :smile:

I run it all on a 9 year old HP elitebook with an SSD installed, and it really couldn’t work any smoother. I looked at the audio-specific linux distro’s, but I ended up stick with what I know. Plain Ubuntu + JACK audio connection kit. Cheers,

A lot of texts suggest you need to get a real-time kernel first. I would like to know how important that really is… have you bothered installing one? going to try reaper as well soon! :slight_smile:

I’ll try not to derail this thread too much, but I haven’t touched the kernel. I didn’t experience any latancy problems, but I must add that only do recording and editing ie I don’t use any real-time effects processing or sends/returns

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Real Time kernels haven’t been required for a long, long time now (for desktop). Ubuntu Studio distro has a latency-optimized kernel, and honestly anything at all will probably be good enough these days.