Mail Day Thread

Thanks for the sources! I now have to go through my salvaged tubes and identify them first :laughing:


Voila, here are a few :sweat_smile:


Don’t know what they do or what I’ll ever do with them, but I have them. :rofl:

14a7, 50x6, 7c7, and two unmarked

This one is cool lookin I think it says 5L6GT


hey kids, wanna see some toobs?

You can’t really see but the middle box on the bottom row has 14 tv line output pentodes. It’s the main reason i’m so interested in tv tubes because they are super cheap and can handle a lot of power.
I’m trying to find a way to make some cool guitar amplifiers with them so a tube amplifier would be cheaper to own and maintain.
The stocks of these tubes are still huge and don’t rise in cost like the ‘audio’ tubes do. The only ‘problem’ is availability and cost of power transformers, as television tubes don’t use the 6,3/12,6v heaters.

I’m hoping to make them commercially available one day :slight_smile:

Ps. The tubes in this box are used and unmarked/ marked with permanent marker. The original markings wear of very easily. DON’T STORE YOUR NICE TUBES LIKE THIS :slight_smile:

My nice tubes are not stored like this


Thanks @ChristianBloch !


First order of bits and bobs for the Noodle Toaster build have turned up!

Not sure why Farnell couldn’t have put everything in the same box though…


Haha I’m sure I posted this before but once I ordered a single SOIC-16 chip from Arrow and it arrived on antistatic foam in an antistatic bag in antistatic bubble wrap in a second antistatic bag in packing pellets in a box like that. Shipping was free though as it was the first order from that email address. Crazy.


Maybe if they used paper instead of pellets they could lose 2 layers of anti-static

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I received some new panels. This will be enough to make the remaining modules to fill up my first case :raised_hands: :grin:


Nice - what are they made of, and how?


I had them laser-cut by a company here in holland ( You can upload your SVG’s and you will receive the materials a week later. This batch cost about 46 euros. If anyone knows a similar service that is much cheaper, please do let me know.

These are 2mm MDF panels. I tried 3mm first because that is much more sturdy but unfortunately my 3,5mm jack sockets cannot be fastened into a 3mm thick panel. So instead, I glue two 2mm panels on top of eachother, where the back panel will have an entire square cut out to fit my jack sockets.


That’s cool but quite expensive. My hackerspace had one, is there a hackerspace in your city?


Cool - wasn’t sure if it was MDF or ply or acrylic with the paper still on!
How many panels did you get in your batch?
I keep looking at different online services for things like acrylic or MDF or what have you, but just stuck with the expensive 3mm brushed alu ones I was getting made from


Got back from giving blood to find more deliveries had been made. Wasn’t expecting some of this till Monday, so not complaining that I can now play with it over the weekend. The new soldering iron:

More bits for the Noodle Toaster build, plus a RPi Pico and some NeoPixels:

The pads on the Pico are quite small:

The ones on the NeoPixels are going to take a bit of practice I think:


Around here dominos are slightly different…


Which one is that, I see a number of the clamshels’ on ebay but have always given them a miss… Can you elaborate on the TX81 and RX11 sound? is it using more than one of the old simple AY chips found in the normal low end units?

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I am located in Amsterdam so there must be something like that nearby but COVID made it difficult to connect with these spaces. I managed to check out one organisation but they didn’t allow me to use the machine to cut MDF since they were using the cutter mainly for educational purposes and were too scared I would mess up the settings of the device somehow.

@jaradical I got 6 panels in my batch, but its 12 pieces in total because like I said, everything is double-sided.

What type of jack sockets do you use? I once got this huge batch of PJ-301M sockets from Aliexpress but they don’t fit fell in 3mm panels in my experience. :thinking:


Got back from town to find the postman had delivered my miniscule Thonk order. Just waiting on the TEL 5-1222 DC/DC Converter, which Farnell seem to be sending from Europe for some reason.



That is Yamaha PSR-6300. It has multitimbrality, a one-touch play arranger, a sequencer, a drum machine and midi in / out. No programming of the presets is possible however it uses Yamaha YM2414 (OPZ) which was first used in Yamaha TX81Z and where the name comes from. The drums may be from any of Yamaha’s ROM’s however it uses Yamaha YM2154 (RYP4) which is famous for Yamaha RX11.

-Fumu / Esopus

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Screenshot 2022-01-30 at 19.11.18

No-mail day thread - nearly a month, still haven’t gotten my bits! Arghaghashgllhasf.