Mail Day Thread

an old favorite.


Oh, is this the video where he is holding a knife? That’s the first I found on youtube.

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probably the same show - really well known show for them - a lot of the early stuff was super dark and demented with their stage shows.
theyve calmed down a lot in their older age haha - but still put on an amazing show - got to catch them twice within a year a few years back :slight_smile:

yeah - same show - song was addiction with the knife.
fuck i love that song too. lol


I have received a package with a limited edition ‘K’ 4710 Safety Valve.


-Fumu / Esopus


Extra mixer and a safety valve arrived today :slight_smile:

Staying in the packages till I have another rack…
I’ve realized I have like over 20 modules between euro and KOSMO that I don’t have rack space for lolol.

So they will all remain unbuilt… I guess… lololol


The PCBs for my XVA1 User Interface and another FPGA board arrived, so now I can make two synths :slightly_smiling_face:



Wanted a stand alone mixer, also wanted a multitrack USB interface that was known to work with Linux.
This thing seemed to tick all the boxes.

Now I just have to build enough sound sources to fill it up :crazy_face:



I have the exact same model! I use it with Ubuntu and Reaper DAW, works like a charm!

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Getting a dedicated music laptop is the next step, got to fill up the piggy bank again first.
I’ve been looking into Reaper vs Ardour lately - may I ask what made you pick Reaper?
I run Ubuntu on my desktop, but was looking at Ubuntu Studio - have you used it?
Any other Linux music making tips/tricks you’d care to share?


I have no experience with Ardour. I was mainly using Audacity before, and then switched to Reaper when I needed multitrack recording. Not in the last place for Reapers indefinite free trial. :smile:

I run it all on a 9 year old HP elitebook with an SSD installed, and it really couldn’t work any smoother. I looked at the audio-specific linux distro’s, but I ended up stick with what I know. Plain Ubuntu + JACK audio connection kit. Cheers,

A lot of texts suggest you need to get a real-time kernel first. I would like to know how important that really is… have you bothered installing one? going to try reaper as well soon! :slight_smile:

I’ll try not to derail this thread too much, but I haven’t touched the kernel. I didn’t experience any latancy problems, but I must add that only do recording and editing ie I don’t use any real-time effects processing or sends/returns

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Real Time kernels haven’t been required for a long, long time now (for desktop). Ubuntu Studio distro has a latency-optimized kernel, and honestly anything at all will probably be good enough these days.


A bunch of stuff just arrived over the last couple of days.

Package from Thonk with a bunch of trimmers and their custom toppers.

Some Kosmo modules that I hadn’t picked up yet…

Some ST Modular and MI boards from Pusherman.

A ton of stuff from Mouser. Took about 3 weeks to get here after order it. I also picked up some vector rails (not in photo.)

Some micro controllers that I couldn’t find anywhere but at LCSC in China.

Some one off items from Digikey.

A bunch of parts from Tayda for various things.

A bunch of pots, trimmers, and a couple of IC’s from Modular Addict. I guess I got lucky and they got it out just before they went dark again. :frowning:

After all of that I still forgot to pick up a few things. So now I have another Tayda, Mouser, and Thonk order to make. :woman_facepalming:


It’s Christmas in Colorado!


someone’s going to be busy …


No mail. Pretty sure my 10K pots are in the middle of the Suez Canal.


Probability is low… <0.5%
But in one of the 200+ ships waiting to pass, >99.5% !


My grandfather bought them over the internet and got them sent to him, a gift for my Birthday(today the 29th), I guess it count?
At least I have a pair of headphones, that doesn’t hold together by a cable strip and metal plate.


Pretty sure they’re nowhere near there :wink:

March 26, 2021, 5:09 pm
Your item departed a transfer airport in INTERNATIONAL, SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES on March 26, 2021 at 5:09 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

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