Mail Day Thread

Heck I’d be happy with one with the typo :smiley:

Have been seriously considering building some of the mutable modules…but haven’t been in a rush because I don’t feel like designing nice panels yet.

@popflier - are you doing through hold boards? Or using the original boards and just jumpering over to the bigger panels? (or are those euro sized panels…hard to tell the scale.) I want to do more SMD but have been hesitant to order boards since I only need 1 not 5 of each.


you know that most likely the other 4 would be had by someone here …


Those look amazing! Pretty damn good especially being your first design


Wow! They look fantastic. Perfectionism has its rewards. Or so I hear.


How did the random jazz generator turn out?
What’s the “brains” of this “no-computer” version?
What’s the PLCC chip?

Do you use your circuit PCBs as front panel too?
Are those behind the board mounted pots, switches and encoders?
Can we see pictures of the assembled products?


The new CD from a jazz guitarist friend and former colleague of mine (we used to work together at the robotics department of Hydro-Québec, the state own power utility in, you guessed it, Québec. She eventually achieved enough success to quit her day job.

And an FPGA board that I may end up using for my Synthesizer in an FPGA project.
I ordered it a few weeks ago on a day where nothing was working and I thought the board I have may have been defective. The FPGA on this board has 2.5 times more gates and the board is cheaper than the one I started with and it has a 32MB memory on board, which opens some reverb/echo possibilities.
I’ll continue with the board I started with for now but the FPGA is getting pretty full, so switching to a 2.5x larger device might become necessary as I don’t want to waste too much time trying to optimize things.


Oh these panels look fantastic !

Now a questions for those having done panels where the substrate (the bare epoxy) is exposed, because I’m really tempted by this for LEDs…

(OK I can’t find the page right now.)
JLCPCB says on one of their support pages that the substrate has markings on it and they can’t predict where they will be relative to the boards (I think it’s some brand name like you see on stripboards…).

Did you ever get a panel with this showing thru ?

Oh, btw, I’m getting in line for a copy too :slight_smile:


oh whoops, totally forgot to update on that…
All my projects are slowed down this month, as I’m moving to a new flat, and starting a new job…
So far, the random CV and duration are working well, I know how to fix the chorus CV, and I didn’t test the chorus duration.

Basically, the circuit output sequentially 16 random CV with random duration, then the same thing, but with durations that follow a pattern stored in the ROM (the PLCC chip). And it loops like that again and again, each time with a different random part, but the same chorus.

The schematic is here: (the PDF is not up to date).

Yep I’m using the main PCB as a front panel too!
I used a mix of behind the board or on top switch and pot (all the jacks are behind).

Here some picture (more on My build progress):


haven’t been able to buy shit for the last month . so I had a nice surprise when these IC’s from Electric Druid show up. I had forgotten all about them [ shipped Aug. 17 ]
2 @ vclfo 10
4 @ AS3310
4 @ AS3320
now I can build some of 's strip board stuff . great site by the way if you want to do some strip board based modules, good pictures , schematics , etc.



Bookmarking this, seems pretty nifty pifty.

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3310, I need to take a second look at mine. I PCB’d it based on the data sheet and Eddys revisons but it did not work. But I did make an arse of the build. That was back in July and it’s sat in a box since…

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I just got a notification from our Alexa device that based on my order history it’s probably time to buy more 1/4" jacks :crazy_face:

Which would probably be true if I had this interface for my sequencer working and added all the gates/triggers it can support. But since that’s not working yet I can probably get by another week or two I actually have a few more jacks on hand than expected :smiley:


So these are Eurorack sized that I’ve done. Designing a Kosmo sized panel for the MI modules wouldn’t be too much more work if I used the same design as the one I created for the Eurorack panel. For me, the challenge would be modifying the PCB in order to make it easier to jumper over. Though I guess you could just run wire over like @devicex does. The boards I’m using are all SMD. Most I picked up from out of the UK as his boards are really good quality. (I learned the hard way that a cheaper PCB for SMD work can make your life more difficult in doing successful builds of these particular modules.)

If you do make the boards yourself then you can probably sell off your extras easily. I might even buy a few from you depending on which modules you choose. I have quite a few MI modules that I’m designing panels for because while the Magpie panels are awesome they are expensive and when you need 10 - 15 different panels it’s a lot of money. The Oscillasaurus panels are okay (I have a few) but they don’t display the logo, some of the icons, and have changed the wording on some of the labels to things that are less helpful for me personally.


Eurorack… I’m leaving the line :slight_smile:
They are still fantastic, but of no use for me.

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I really love that silicon coated hookup wire. It’s so flexible!

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An amazing package from @CTorp today!

2 sets of Erica Synths Oscillator, Polivoks Filter, and Bassline, along with their accompanying IC’s.
(One set I will be building for a friend)

The Transistor Ladder Filter, and a new Panel for the Switched Mult (I gifted mine to a local who bought just the pcb back before cory had panels for it)
And a freaking CGS202 SERGE EQ (Resonant Equalizer)

The Super Sixteen my buddy bought from cory that I will be assembling.

A very freaking cool Quartz!

Another pic of the very freaking cool Quartz!


Few things from Control and Thonk:

If you think 9 mm vertical B100ks are hard to find, try 9 mm vertical B100k dual gangs. Literally I could not find these anywhere but Thonk. Even Mouser seems not to carry them (or has hidden them well). While I was at it I ordered a board for a VC Fader, not that that’s something I feel any urgency about but why not, it was there.


I gave in. New case, new screws.


The main problem with giving in to knurlies is thinking it’ll be a one-time expense. Pretty soon you’ll need another 100 :rofl:


I’m not that delusional.