Show me your mixers!

Thinking about making a super simple mixer - I would love to see some of the ones you all have made. Particularly interested in the faceplate layout. Show 'em to me!



I did a combo mixer and multiple.

It looks very jank, and it is, but it gets both jobs done!

I also made a thread a while back about the super simple mixer if you are interested.


I have been working on and off on my standalone mixer for…well…awhile. With many thanks to many forum members for helpful insight

The design is built around the case of this radio shack mixer (This one is mint, the other 4 I have are definitely not). I picked them up over the last 6 months or so on eBay for $15-30 each. Originally I bought one and figured I’d spruce it up a bit and use it, then I would add led faders, then I would swap the outputs to all 1/4, now I’m throwing away the original pcbs and just using the cases…it’s a slippery slope🤣

It’s a little late in the night for me now to go over alllll the features but basically it’s going to be a 4 channel mixer to stereo out. Mute, solo, Bass, treble, and fade controls on each channel and a stereo swap on the output. The swap, mute, and solo are cv/gate controllable using relays. And of course, an independent headphone output volume and and amp section

Pcb and overlay on case. Eventually wooden sides and fancy paintjob


Oh man, great hack! I have that exact same model, must have bought it back in the 90’s back before RS became a full time phone accessories and batteries shop. Built my first guitar pedal from one of their little black plastic hobby boxes too…


All I’ve got right now is this skeezy photo of my little mixer in-situ. It’s four channels with an attenuverter on the output. It’s DC coupled, with left channel normalled to -12V and the right to +12V, the idea being I could do some weird CV biasing/mixing if I wanted with nothing plugged into one of those channels.


I made several Mixer module from N Ronneberg

with switch add

and also a mix of Sam simple mixer with a Cross fader from La roue tourne


My mixer is on the right, its Sams SS Mixer with 4in 1out (patch it all about)