Jan6418 Tube modules?


I recently bought a Karltron Tube module in Eurorack format with a broken Jan6418 mini tube, with the intent to convert it to Kosmo format. To fix it, I bought some replacement mini tubes. As I now have some additional mini tubes, are there any synth module schematics out there that use these Jan6418 mini tubes?


That’s a rather “crappy” tube with a certain amount of microphony, but when it comes to synths, the more noirse the merrier, I guess.
Spontaneously, a tube VCA would be possible. Check Cat Girls tube VCA; I think the 6418 may be (almost) equivalent to the Soviet 1Ж24Б (1ZJ24B).

There’s a headphone amp available for this tube (microphoney):https://diyaudioprojects.com/Tubes/6418-Tube-Preamp-Headphone-Kit/

Thanks for the links, I will definately dive into the Soviet tuve and schematic you linked to, to see if I can use the JAN6418 mini tube!


If you’re looking for that one - check www.fragjanzuerst.de, a great place to buy Soviet tubes.