Is there a Kosmo look/feel?

I’m assuming that the general look and feel is that created by LMNC, with graphics and make-noisy lines. Is this correct? Or is there a more popular look/feel?

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That sort of thing does seem to be popular, especially in one-off modules with hand made panels. But here are some images from illustrating some varying approaches:




Really appreciate that! I didn’t even know there was a kosmodular grid, so that is super helpful. thank you!


Here’s a 1/8” to 1/4” panel I’m about to have made - super random and makes no sense but I love it! :rofl:


Also some pics of Kosmo set up here :slight_smile:


I was tempted to design kosmo in merican units, but wanted to use existing kosmo. I suppose one could always in a custom case, have rows for diff sizes.


Sorry, should have specified! This is going to be a 1/8” jack to 1/4” jack with an indicator led when both are plugged in. It’s 100cm wide and 200cm tall - still sticking to the good ol Kosmo format! :grin:


You can tell I just woke up cause I thought the module’s dimensions were that small.

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Now that would be interesting! :rofl:

That’s one hell of a module, you might need a step ladder…


The war between compact size and big knobs is getting out of hand.


I remember there being examples of other colors of the PCB used for panels, example being purple panels.

The flying saucer knobs are common but I remember 3D printed knobs.

Actually come to think of it there’s a small amount of 3D printed panels.

There’s a lot of black spray paint on reused plywood look/feel and then the plywood rails with aluminum or brass screws to mount modules. Because I’m not experienced with woodworking I’d like to see a discourse open to how to make a two-part textured coating on a birch case and how to put threaded ‘tiptop’ rails in a Kosmo. I’m not sure if it’s called ‘tiptop’ but the rails on MLDRCase Pro cases are preferable.

-Fumu / Esopus

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How many times will it take to get it right? :rofl:

***10cm wide and ***20cm tall!

Although I’m not opposed to a 100x200cm module in the least


TipTop is a brand name and they have one version of the extruded aluminum rails. Gie-Tec is the source for the rails used by Doepfer. Vector TS600 rails are another option. If you use the search tool here for those terms you’ll find information.


Kosmo look and feel? Maybe not.

I think there’s most likely a Kosmo smell. The dry throat-catch of recently planed timber and the heady aroma of all the magic smoke that’s been offered up to the great god Kosmo.


I’m fence-sitting on it just because while I want similarities to my Eurorack case there’s Kosmo things that might make Vector TS600 appealing… All I want is for them to be threaded for M3 screws but could go for Gie-Tec or Vector TS600.

-Fumu / Esopus

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I think you’re actually rail-sitting.


tried the metal rails found them to be a pain in the ass , I use wood rails in both my kosmo and eurorack cases . 3.5mm jacks in my kosmo stuff too. I will have to admit I have table saw , miscellaneous tools and wood cut offs from jobs , so its cheap and easy for me to use wood rails .


My modules were red but movibg to purple .
smal davies 1900H yellow knobs ,

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" look / feel " is a bit chaotic with a good part of the set up being diy panels .