Introductions: Say hello, tell us about yourself and your projects

Welcome, there’s a bunch of “Kosmo” inspired works going on here kosmodulargrid is a good indication of some of what has been created.


Hello everyone!

I start this hobby about year ago with almost no electrical knowledge but it’s being pretty great.
I’m Japanese and that probably explain my bad English(or I just have to study English more seriously)

I’m not any type of authorized engineer nor artist, just enjoy making stuff.
My another hobby is artwork and I using it everywhere in my synth.

Due to the lack of my English skill, I will not post many in this forum.
But I want to say thank you to many people in here who share knowledge and makes me possible to build synth.


That’s an absolutely beautiful system you’ve built there.


Beautiful panels!

Please share some sounds you make with us!


That looks amazing !! I especially like the blue/ pink VCF.


looks great , glad you are enjoying . don’t worry about the English its as good as a lot of people that use it as a first language lol.


I encourage you to write more if you’re able to. Your English is great, with very few grammatical errors. Your setup looks amazing. If you have a website or YouTube videos, I’d also love to see them. Let me worry about understanding your Japanese.

And of course, Welcome to our little corner of heaven.


Nice panels! Could you maybe explain how you made these?


Actually I never record any sound of my gear in my life.
Maybe this is the good time to do it.

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Thank you!

I have twitter account for synth and artwork (@Labo871).
It’s not informative by any means though.

I use 2mm thick aluminium sheet metal and sticker.

Software for panel design is Clip Studio Paint, it’s made for comic and artwork. Not suitable for this kind of application, but that is what I already have and familiar with. And most importantly it works!


God help us if you ever start using something suitable! :laughing: Looks amazing.


very cool, I too have hardly made a sound from my rig , probably because my musical skills are ZERO


Also lack of equipment doesn’t help me.

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My musical skills are zero as well. I still make random, generative noise’s. I found that Clouds is a great module for that sort of thing. Also I just built 1 Song by Barton which generates random songs. Very handy.


Synth DIY in a nutshell? :slight_smile:


ok, here we go: new thread

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Hello, I just arrived in this place. I didn’t know it existed. It seems great.
I have build and mostly modded a lot of guitar and synth stuff… some circuit bending too.
I am a long time fan of lookmumnocomputer.
My dream is to do an electrified piano one day, a serge wavefolder in a pedal…
I am learning accordion and planning to change every keyboard I have to an accordion keyboard as it is the most ergonomic keyboard ever made.


I hope this is the right place to introduce myself.
My name is irvan (swirv) I live down river a few miles from New Orleans, Louisiana. I’m an electrician, 9v circuit builder (a lot from here) I’m 54 and enjoy building stuff.
I’ve been lurking here for almost 3 years, enjoying the knowledge all of y’all have and greatly appreciate it.
Now I’m exploring the world of the kosmo format.
I put my foot in the door and got some AS3340’s.
I need to design a case then peep out the power supply dept.
I’ve alway checked this site daily for new ideas.
Thank you all for sharing,


Welcome to the forum Swirv. Enjoy mate.

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