How to connect the super simple oscillator to a speaker?

Hello! I have trouble figuring out how to connect the super simple osccilator to a speaker.
Which speaker should I use? On the schematics there is only one dot on the stripboard for speaker out which I find confusing.

Any help?

Thank you!

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The one output is the live wire and goes to the + of the speaker. Then take a wire from the - of the speaker and attach that to the ground on the circuit (like the battery -ve)
Welcome to the group. Do post a picture of your work.

Hey man! Thanks, I’ve managed to figure it out by myself right after I posted this, the other thing I can’t figure out is if my speakers are correct. My speaker is like 35 cm big and it goes directly into a preamp (I think) I’ve disconnected the two wires from the preamp and into gnd and outpuit but it still doesn’t work, do you think you could give me a hand? aa - Album on Imgur aa - Album on Imgur
Do you think the speaker is too big and I should use a smaller one?

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Where it says “speaker” it means a powered speaker or a preamp or something of that sort — it won’t drive a bare speaker cone very well.

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It may drive a small speaker up to say 8ohms but not a power speaker.

Breadboard looks ok from what I can see. Did you cut the middle leg of the transistor off or is that it hanging out to the side?

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Alright, thanks.

How do I connect it to a preamp?

Do you have a guitar amp or anything like that?

Yes! I do, I also have a stereo amplifier.

I’ve managed to get it work! Thanks for your help guys