Super Simple oscillator Really Quiet

I Made the super simple oscillator today and the output volume is ridiculously quiet I sent a video to the man himself and he suggested to bypass the 100k resistor but that didn’t work and other than that he wasn’t too sure on why it was so quiet; can anyone give me some help please :slight_smile:

I have attached an image of it and an image of the resistors I used.
U am using the 2n3904 transistor and a 10uF 25v capacitor (I’m not sure what that means only that smaller uF number means the higher the pitch IDK about the volts)
Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Jack,

How are you listening to it? What are you plugging it into?

Keep in mind that this circuit it mot really able to drive a speaker or headphone, it needs an amplifier for that.


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my bad should have put that in the original post, it is going into my focusrite 18i20 by a 1/4" TS cable then out to a Yamaha amp to monitors i have gain at full and the amp is pretty cranked to where Ground hum is overpowering the oscillator

Okay, that should work. And you are absolutely sure your stripboard layout is correct? Maybe post a clear picture of it here?


i built a second one the same and i cant get a sinal at all from it

Board seems fine to me!

Can you verify the pinout of that jack socket? If you’re using the same one I use, you have connected to the tip switch, rather than the tip itself. That would mean you’re disconnecting your osc as you plug it in.

pins 2 and 3
the socket has 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Are those the tip and sleeve? Maybe check the datasheet?

im finding it hard to even find a picture of a trs socket close to the one i have

Yeah that’s a common problem, I’m unfamiliar with the 8 pin ones too. If you have a male jack and a multimeter, you can can trace back the pinout.

I dont have a maultimeter sadly time for some trial and error!

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Hello and welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

or have you a pilot light ?

I just saw that “pilot light” may not mean what I want.
I’m talking about a simple flashlight with 2 wire. when you put the 2 wires in contact, the light comes on.

here’s mine on a vid

since childhood I have always seen my father with his made, and I made one too, very easy to do and very practical. Exactly in the situation you found yourself in

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Or, for testing purpose, instead of plugin the cord in the jack, don’t use the socket at all and just tape the two wires around the plug… so you’re sure what goes where.

Don’t feel bad. The SSO is simple in number of components, but not simple in getting it to work. Most troubleshooting threads are about this circuit.

You can search up “super simple oscillator” to get some other feedback.

Seriously, this is talked about a lot.

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Got this reply from Jack, seems fixed :blush: