Basic Oscillator help?

OK so I’ve followed the LMNC tutorial for the basic Oscillator, using a transistor that oscillates at 9V (S9018) and it appears to be working, the led does the flickery thing and changes rate with the variable resistor, so it appears to work, but no sound comes out of the 8ohm speaker. Any ideas? Do I need to amplify it somehow? Please help

Can you post some pictures of your build?

It’s not made clear in the tutorial but you can’t just attach an 8Ω speaker. You need a powered speaker or an amplifier.


Right, no worries. I was a bit wary of plugging it into a powered speaker incase I blew the whole thing up haha! So if I wire the outputs into like a pocket guitar amp that’d work? Also, probably a dumb question, but am I OK to have the neg wire of the output soldered to the earth point of the 9V on the stripboard?


Would it be detrimental to hot glue the pot to the stripboard once I’ve completed each one? I’ve got 5 made so far, and things are getting a bit messy haha


Hot glue is ok but can fail attaching to the back of pots. You could drill a hole in the board and mount the pot thataway.


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