How do you clock your modular?

There are a lot of things that don’t like voltages higher than their supplies and if their supply is 3.3 V and you go plugging a 10 V gate into it, it may be regrettable. Probably Arturia wants to minimize the number of things they get accused of frying.

My attitude is that a well designed DIY module should put out gates of at least 5 V (unless you plan on using it with something that won’t take that) but should accept gates down to about 2 V or so and up to 12 V (or whatever your positive rail is). As you see from the Rönnberg schematic that only needs about four components. (Well, more if you can’t deal with an inverted signal. Though in my current design I have a 100k input resistor, the diode goes to ground rather than in series, and there’s a 1M weak pulldown.)