Fart Box Builds

I have received emails of a number of successful fart boxes!! would be awesome to pop them and questions about them in a thread! by the way pcb’s are available here, usually just a tour thing but because of the. current situation no touring so here we go.


I’ve built 2 of them, although they aren’t boxes. I turned them sideways and put them in Kosmo sized panels. I think they sound great, and it’s easy to make a lot of different fun sounds with them. Gave one to my brothers kids to play with for a while.


Mine is built into the underside of an old mixer. I did consider turning it sideways behind a panel.


Well shoot, I guess I need one too!


Just waiting on my PCB to turn up :smiley:

Does anyone know what size Enclosure would work?

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i love you… :smiley: but no seriously, thanks :slight_smile:


well… now i’m considering making a panel for it like I did with Braids :smiley:


As mention above, I am considering making a small run of Panels for the Fart Box.

My questions is, which side would people prefer the button and knobs on?

  • Knobs on Left/Button on Right
  • Button on Right/Knobs on Left
  • Reversible Panel

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I may try to make it reversible… but my PC may also crash while rendering the drill files lolol.

I did ask Sam what he thought about this and said it sounded neat if I remember right, but then he forgot to send me the dxf so I busted out mah rulers… LOL


I noticed, by the way, that Sam is a leftie, which I think explains his seeming preference for knobs on the left with jacks on the right. Ergonomically, for a right-handed person, the other way around would be better.


I tend to like jacks on the bottom when it can be arranged. When they have to be all up one side or the other I prefer left, being right handed.

[Confirmed bottom-docker as well.]


Reversible just means you have to build two :joy:


You never know, you might wake up left handed someday


My son sometimes expresses surprise when I use a screwdriver or other tool in the left hand in a situation where using the right hand would be awkward for me. Handedness is more pronounced in some people. I’m mostly right handed.


this is an interesting thread. a panel sounds like a neat idea! by all means do it. im getting a new small batch of boards for the main site.
I held off making a panel because I have on my to do list “fart box more modular” haha. but yeah who knows when that will happen!
however on the to do list before then is a dual oscillator with a very similar topology, but with more via control and such. but that may be a couple of months or so. look forward to seeing what you come up with josh!!! I guess the thing that makes it complicated is the built in power supply, in hindsight I should have added a eurorack power connector, what ill do is outline the best places to hook up power??


the other option is you use the fart box power supply aspect as a power supply for other modules, I recon you can power another 4 modules from it before it gets a bit shaky I recon


That sounds perfect!! I could maybe figure out an Adapter then :slight_smile:

This should probably go into some “builds in progress” thread instead, but I have a front panel:

It’s a mockup, and I need to figure out where to put the switches, also I cannot count so one of the pots is missing from the cross contamination synthesis panel so need to redo that one. And maybe I should get some brown filament?


so freaking cool fredrik!! :smiley:


Totally missed seeing this post entirely. Was hoping to get one of these but they’re sold out now. I think you’re planning on doing another run of these? I’m raising my hand to say that I’m interested if you do decide to do another run. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: