Eddy Bergman MVP Synth Project / Help Needed

What’s “MVP”?

No discrepancies jump out at me. But it’s hard to know what to look for when the only symptom description is “doesn’t function at all”. More than likely something does function, the input signal probably gets to some point even if nothing makes it to the output. Using an oscilloscope or an audio probe you can try to trace down more specifically what is working and what isn’t. Have you gone through General advice for troubleshooting a module and asking for help ?

What are you expecting the VCA to do that’s relevant to the Gate In jack? The only output the VCA will produce is the amplified input signal.

One side note: Given that both schematics are pretty much just redraws of the YuSynth schematics, and that you have made them publicly available, it would be courteous to add the URLs for the originals and label the schematics as Yves Usson’s work, rather than for instance “AdamDynamic VCA-001” which makes it look like you’re trying to take credit for the design. Not your intention I’m sure, but it’s not good when schematics get passed around without attribution to the people who created them.

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