EasyEDA Projects

Does anyone have an easyEDA project for a buffered multiple for me? No Gerber files, but the project.

Maybe we can also exchange projects here?!?


What exactly do you mean? Schematics? PCB layout?

I mean shared EasyEDA projects, something i can open with EasyEDA and change things

Well, I have some projects, TR808 Kick and TR808 Snare, (eurorack format).

Here is the right Thread, feel free to post it here :slight_smile:

Hi THOGRE, I been learning Easy EDA over the last couple of weeks, first batch (5 designs) were sent from China yesterday, if (big if) they all turn out correct , ill be designing a load more and a buffered multiple is on my list - Ill gladly send you the project files when done.
I’m also up for pcb swapping as with 5 pcb minimum im going to have a few spares - Ive just ordered 2 different VCF designs - I dont think im going to need 10 VCF’!

Hey, that’s nice! I also dealt with it today and solved my biggest problem. The important thing about the projects I want to build is that it should be SMD. My first layout sketches are already finished and as soon as I have something tangible, I’ll post it here. don’t be so sure about the VCFs :slight_smile: one here and one there and in no time you have everyone in the rack :wink:


Here are two of my projects, 808 kick and snare. If theres something wrong, please contact me.


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This is amazing !! Did you make it yourself? How long have you been working with EasyEDA? I’m totally flashed right now!

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I have based it on these schematics:

I redrew them in EasyEDA with correct footprints and designed a PCB. Ive been working in EasyEDA since 2019.

I’m very tempted to do this assembly. Do you know if anyone has built this module from the PBCs recently?

I did try the pcb for the bass drum, is not working at the moment, need to put in some time to see what exactly is the isue. Dit folow the trigger till the first transistor then it is gone.
Not shure what is going on there :slight_smile:

Anny one else build this one ??