The KiCad 8 Thread

Bug fixing only period began a couple weeks ago for KiCad 8 per the release policy !

Not seeing as much in Post-v7 new features and development news - KiCad Official SW Thread - Forums to make me salivate as I did going into version 7 but that’s OK…

One nice thing is EasyEDA import.

There’s something there about LTSpice import too, but it’s from last April and it apparently still isn’t in the nightly, so I’m guessing that isn’t actually happening this version.

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Cool plugin I’ve just tried out: pcb2blender.

It does what you think it does! Here’s some low-quality preview renders from my current WIP (disregard the lack of silkscreen cleanup, I haven’t done it yet). Results are pretty much out of the box. Notice how it automatically does things such as adding neat-looking solder joints on oval pads, or actually makes the traces have a bit of relief.

I can even import a panel from my software, synth printer, to have them line up. Or grab the LEDs as individual objects to make them poke through the panel instead of being mounted flush. Then add a little point light in 'em :smiley:

(Posted in the KiCad 7 thread but might as well post in the most recent one instead)

Information of note:

from Any MAJOR changes between V7.0.10 and V8.0? - #2 by Dawid_Cislo - Software - Forums


Dragging footprints and traces on PCBs! Thank the lord

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So it looks like in 8.0.2, they had the genius idea to make it impossible to select & move any ${VALUE} designator on your footprints, like this 75Ω one. Mercifully they will roll this back in next month’s update

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Yes, I see this in 8.0.2, but not in the nightly. 8.0.3 should have the fix and should appear soon.

8.0.3 is out, and the value symbols have been liberated.



(it’s what i have type to update software)

There’s quite a bit of discussion of PCB layout in KiCad starting at this post: