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What does this module plz ?

because for me “Castor and Pollux” mean only that for me (in french “beaver” = “castor”)


It’s a dual oscillator module.

For each oscillator you have:

  • Ramp output
  • Pulse output
  • Triangle output
  • Sub output
  • Mix output(the above can be mixed together)

There’s also a dual oscillator output that cross-fades between osc 1(Castor) and osc 2 (Pollux).

I think the name comes from Greek/Roman mythology.

I will start a thread about this sometime.

Edit: video embed from that page

Edit edit:
There is an excellent writeup by her on the design of both the module and the oscillator core.


Thanks a lot @Sonosus :slight_smile:

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Dintree’s relocated:


pollux et le modulaire enchanté ahah Zeebuuuloooon !! tournicoton


I’ve a good mind to write up all these repos into a big list somewhere. They seem to get lost under all the new posts.

I agree, a series of posts is a cumbersome way to list all repositories endered. Maybe this thread should be converted to a list or something similar. Is that possible?

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Maybe a wikified post somewhere. I’ll investigate tomorrow. It would be good to let anyone edit though, I think you need to have a certain trust level for wiki editing.

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But a monolithic list of a hundred or more links isn’t that useful either — better to have them in various categories or something, and maybe just because a GitHub repo exists doesn’t mean it should be included; a dozen really useful links is better than a hundred “well I found this so here it is” links.

And then there’s link rot. I’d be surprised if at least 10% of the links posted here aren’t bad already. A link list is not very useful if no one’s checked them in a year or three.

So to be useful a link list should be, I think, curated, categorized, and maintained. Which is a lot of work. And wikifying it doesn’t eliminate the need for someone(s) to take care of keeping it consistent, relevant, and up to date.


I made 2 lists, still in progress but every help is welcome =)
the first one by “maker” Modular_Synth/ at main · Pl0p/Modular_Synth · GitHub
the second one by type of modules : Modular_Synth/ at main · Pl0p/Modular_Synth · GitHub

When i saw new entry here i add it to the first one =)


Cool, just the old Niklas Ronnberg link don’t work now, you need the archive one :wink:

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It still work for me : Niklas R�nnberg's homepage - Audio DIY :laughing:

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It works randomly here… you just have to be lucky.

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One could use here. I think it would be great if this way a lot of old internet pages / circuits could be saved this way! But it is still a lot of work to do the categorization and curation of these links!

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I would like to add my GitHub repository that contains schematics and PCBs related to my polysynth, some Kosmo modules and other sdiy stuff.


Synthrotek’s schematics:


The Pinouts Book was created for designers and engineers
as a quick reference for remembering the functions of all the
different pinouts in your electronics projects.
The book covers a range of commonly used components,
such as connectors, single board computers, dev boards,
microcontroller chips, modules and more.
More technical information for each component is available by
going to the “” URLs at the top of the pages.
These each redirect to official datasheets or specifications.
For more info, visit
Happy building :slight_smile:
NODE & Baptiste


Also for anything Pi related.


And another one:

We are gathering and investigating information about interfaces of modern and obsolete electronic hardware: pinouts of interface ports, layouts of expansion slots, information about other connectors of computers and various electronic devices. Information on functions of pins in connector (pinout) is essential for everyone who want to investigate modern computer hardware, explore the way it’s works, connect various devices to computer, make DIY electronic devices.

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