Noise Reap Schematic Cave

Found online, the Eurorack company Noise Reap has released schematics for all of their discontinued modules, totally for personal and commercial use:

Could be some gems in there!


‘Xim’ looks really useful, I’ve been looking for a little crossfader like that. 2.5cm module, anybody? (Although the output it 20v PtP, which seems a bit hot, right?)

Is it? I can’t tell by looking. Are you saying it’s greater than unity gain? You could always divide it down, though.

That’s what it says in the manual:, I guess they’re unity mixing two audio sources, so it make sense it’d be twenty.

Voltage divider might do, or maybe just an variable attenuator at the end.

Well, they’re cross fading two sources, so it shouldn’t be greater than each. It says “headroom”. I’d assume it’s unity gain and can handle > 10 Vpp if that’s what you give it. (Assumed until breadboarded, I mean.)

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Wow !! great page ! a lot of schematics look so interessants ! thank you !

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Just tacking this on here, but I found a total schematic/kicad/layout for the Juno chorus using reissued chips: GitHub - gligli/juno-chorus-clone: Roland Juno-60 chorus board clone