Distortion module

I have build a new distortion module inspired by some classic circuits.
I have try to optimised this basic effect with some mods.

First I have use a clone of the MXR Disto+ pedal: the “batteryACID” from Hexinverter

Then I have replace the surrounded part with two differents mods of Hard clipping
(1n270 germanium/1n4148);

Maybe I go to add a soft clipping mod in the feedback loop of opamp too…

Finally I have add an active’s Baxandall tone control on the output (Bass/Treble);
I didn’t include it in the bypassed loop to be able to use it as a simple EQ control when the distortion is off.

(this circuit come from Juanito Moore)

The sound is really good for me! I’m rather satisfied by this circuit design.

Try it, have fun and burn your modular!! :metal::zap::fire: