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Thanks for the replies, guys.

How do I do that?

I found a cheaper LM4040AIZ-4.1 at AliExpress. Most cheaper ones are 3mm SMD, which is a no-no. Maybe I’ll be able to avoid taxes, since my recent purchases have been on eBay, so they can’t say I’m spreading out my order to cheat on customs, or so I hope.

Carefully study the schematic and the pcb layout, find the two corresponding points, bridge them with a piece of wire.

Maybe you can get away with a 4.1V zener diode. The tolerance might not be the 0.1% of the LM4040A, but it should be stable.


Oh, I get it now. I lost the meaning in translation when I read it the first time. Thanks.

another way to get a very stable voltage reference with a zener diode (though it will require more components, albeit those are easily sourced) is by buffering one that is stabilized by a capacitor!

|__________ Buffer ___ stable output
|. . . . . . . . |
zener . . .cap

Depending on your opamp configuration, you can even fine tune the buffered output’s voltage, so you can have arbitrary and stable reference voltages!
I used this to make a <1% power supply, so it’s not perfect, but pretty good

(the dots are just for formatting this crude schematic lol)

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I just ordered the last 11 jacks from Tayda. Apparently they’re out of stock for another 5 months. Are there any other places that sell them Tayda cheap (sub 50p) or will I have to splash out on the ‘expensive’ ones?

(can you tell I’m a cheapskate :smiley: )

I briefly looked on AliExpress but I only found pages and pages of 3.5mm jacks. If anyone has any links that would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


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You BASTARD :laughing:

Which jacks do you mean? A-1121 is in stock at Tayda, 10,506 of them.


Well that’s odd. It said that there was 11 in stock and wouldn’t let me add any more to the basket. Oh well.

Time to order 10,505 jacks then :laughing:


I have no idea how that feels.

(The night before I did order these, they came, they’re about the same thing)


You have the worst luck with jacks.


Some AS3340 prices in the US:

Synthcube $5.99 plus $8.39(!!!) shipping to my address (northeastern US).

ModularAddict $7.70 plus $4.15 shipping. Out of stock ATM.

AI Synthesis $7.00 plus $4 shipping.

(I recently bought three from them — and they actually sent three AS3340A chips. This is the impoved version which SynthCube sells for $8.99! However, the AI Synthesis page says AS3340, not AS3340A, and for all I know you might get either. You could ask.)

cabin-globa on eBay $7.20 plus $3.06 shipping.

Cabintech Global $6.33 plus $1.16 shipping! (Untracked, $3.06 tracked.)

Last two apparently the same seller, I haven’t bought from them but they have 99.7% feedback on eBay and their website’s been up since at least 2014.

Added: I see they were mentioned here… closing in on two years ago!

Added: I recently bought one AS3340 from Cabintech Global… No complaints.


In the UK I have got mine from Thonk £6.72 plus £1.42 shipping. I have just looked in my stash and the one I have has no A postfix, just AS3340

Electric Druid
€5.25 push €3.00 shipping (a quick google says £4.54 plus £2.60

Frequency Central £6.00 plus £2.00 untracked + £1.20 vat. Tracked shipping £7.00

A supplier that I have never used before Soundtronics £5.05 plus £6.95 shipping + £2.40 vat


I just got some too! to test the A type


Let us know what you think, in my test I saw no frequency shift at all with pulse width change. Then again the only non-A 3340 I’ve ever had was a CEM I fried before I could test that… :anguished: so maybe I’m missing something…

:anguished: again


I try not to pay shipping, for me buying a small number of various AS chips over time, I still find it cheaper to by them from Thonk alongside pots, then the order qualifies for free shipping.

I agree though, £7 shipping for a single ic is excessive


Anyone use these for your builds? Just wondering.

Does anybody have any good leads on power cables (16:10)? I got some from Thonk a while back but they’re all so short. I can’t find any 16:10 on AliExpress and couldn’t find anything at all on Tayda. Any tips? Maybe a spool+crimper as an alternative?


you mean the euro rack 10 and 16 conductor flat cable ? yeah just get a spool of cable and the connectors its a lot cheaper in the long run and you can make them the exact size you need . you don’t need crimpers you can use pliers or vise but you will be glad you got them if you do get them .


I bought an old 30m roll of computer ribbon cable, 30 core. Still using it up.