Big trigger sequencer

so I have a project coming i may swell make as module project as part of the project, its basically a chunky trigger sequencer with bout 140 toggle switches on. 40cm module. recon thats just too much? ill be building the module anyway im just working out wether id put in the extra effort and build on the idea to make a module project or I bash it out in an afternoon on strip board. just gauging interest in an 8channel 16 step drum sequencer with a bunch of performance things.

it will vary from push button styles as they will be mechanical switches I was thinking of doing the thing I did on a few projects prior where I use half as many switches but use on-off-on for 2 channels and the middle is off, but to reset these is quite laborious, as with a simple on-off switch you can really easily slide your finger along the sequence line and reset them all, with the other approach you can’t.

it’ll have a fill switch and stuff like that.


Nice, I can see a good few uses for that many triggers…

Since this is still at the design phase is there any chance of having switches that will join some of the channels, so you end up with like… 4x32 steps or 2x64 steps - or even better separate the top and bottom halves of the module so you can have 1x64 or 2x32 on the top half and still 4x16 on the bottom?

That would be insanely useful when combined with a clock divider and your keyboard sequencer for pitch then creating rhythmic note patterns and then the other channels sequencing percussion from the Twin-T Drummer


ok ill keep this in mind. I was thinking of doing it a 32 step but realised that on a manual sequencer might not be particularly user friendly. as there will be a voltage controlled fill, but there is nothing stopping a merge section being added like in the keyboard sequencer. there could be outputs that bounce between 2 lines, then one that bounces between 4 lines. meaning you could have 8 16 steps, 4 32 steps or 2 64 steps. and still have access to all of the denominators. sorta like a switching pyramid on the right of the module lol.

I am finishing up a big quad lfo thingy for the gameboy megamachine this week with mixing functions and stuff, and will get a few made up for the shop if anyone is crazy enough to want one haha. after that ill get started on this as I have a drum machine I want to make for a video/museum so this might be a cool project!±!!

also VCADSR will be up by the end of the week


Awesome, the ability to merge the channels just makes it even more useful


cool. ill have a mess about and see what happens, wanna keep it in the spirit of the keyboard sequencer, all in all just simple but some funky settings here and there. was thinking of going down the push button route, but I think switches might be cool, and with practice quick to change, 9 times out of 10 preset memory for things like triggers can be memorised and switched between in realtime anyways. gunna be cooool.


If it makes any difference I know I would prefer toggle switches to push buttons any day, sooooo much more fun to flip


I think we might need to let Tayda know in advance…


Think there’ll be more than 14 buyers before Nov 29? :laughing:


Naaaaah, we’ll be 'reet


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HEY!!! :dizzy_face: I am also into a trigger sequencer!!!
I decided to build a simple 8 x 4 sequencer and had found some nice push button switches in Chian (there are photos of a tube/valve with the text Made In Chian … sounds reliable!). The switches look very neat and the pins/legs are at 0.1" grid.

10Pcs 8.5*8.5mm Double Row Self-Locking Push button switch

Have to add, nothing fancy really and still three miles to go. But will follow this thread really!

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Funny that, I pulled one of those switches out an old toy yesterday. (circuit bend incoming one of these days)


Any word on this? This would be amazing! :wink:

Made a note about my project that quickly stalled, but I brought home from Chicago the pcb/PIC combo from Barton for the Step Rythm Generator (BMC39) …

did you ever do the add-on to the 1222 tuner vco that was gonna piggyback and work in the vco’s pcb?

VCO driver has not yet been implemented.

yes annoyingly i had one, and it suffered from noise from seemingly no where, i thought i solved it second time round didnt. and then. yeah. ermmm haha

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I have ordered a bunch of 4031 shift registers to make a panel with multiple tap loopers. Been trying to find a better way to sequence my diy analog drums.

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I have a bunch of 4517 64 bit shift registers, I had a similar idea. Let me know how this works out.

I also have some 4557 variable length shift registers, Im sure there could be some synth diy oriented uses for these too.

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I’m gonna put 4 or 5 on a panel. Im probably going to be figuring the input differently. Probably a comparator so it’ll take whatever clock source I plug into it.