Bare PCB sources

This is intended as a resource for people wanting to make Kosmo modules out of non-Kosmo PCBs — or other such format conversions.

Here are some sources for bare circuit boards for synth modules. Some may also sell kits, PCB/panel sets, assembled modules, or boards for non synth module projects, but all have bare synth module PCBs available separately.

Wiki post, add info if you have it.

There are numerous vendors on Tindie as well, mostly too small and transient for this list, but larger and more stable ones may be added individually below.

For Kosmo builds you can use boards designed for Eurorack (with some ingenuity, some or all board mounted components may need to be replaced with panel mount, and then the PCB mounting may need to be figured out). No electrical changes needed unless it uses the 5V rail or CV/gate distribution, which very few modules do. Of course going the other way (Kosmo to Eurorack) is usually impeded by the size of the PCB.

Other format conversions may need modification to handle differing power supply requirements etc.

Vendor Country Formats* UK e
Barton Musical Circuits US e,mm
Elby Designs AU mm
Kassutronics FI e
Modular Addict US 4,e,g,mm
Music From Outer Space US g
Nonlinear Circuits AU e
Soundtronics UK g,m,mm
SynthCube US e,f,g,mm
Thonk UK 4,e

* 4 = 4U/Buchla
e = Eurorack
f = FracRack
g = generic (no power header)
k = Kosmo
m = MU
mm = MOTM


Good thread.

I have bought a few boards from Barton, I think his designs are inventive, well documented, he is a fast shipper and responsive to inquiry. A+++++++, would by again.


there is Tindie to . like this guys stuff [ Kosmo format ] and a few others like PM foundations they make pretty cool pcb’ , face plates for euro rack .

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But those are board and panel sets, not just the bare PCB.

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ah yes maybe your page wasn’t the best example , there are other makers that have the option to buy just pcb’s but most are configured for euro rack size which can still be used with Kosmo face panels

Quoting myself:

If you know of specific Tindie vendors of sufficient size and permanence that sell bare PCBs for synth modules, please do add them.

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should have read your thread a little better . not many pcb only sellers on tindie .