AO clock module (Kosmo)

This is a clock module in Kosmo format. It is based around a Nano microcontroller. Features are:

  • Rotary encoder to set tempo and other parameters.
  • Tap button for a different way to set tempo.
  • OLED for display of tempo and settings menu.
  • 6 outputs: Beat, clock, clock divided by 2, 4, and 8, and clock divided by arbitrary number (between 1 and 64) with offset.
  • Two tempo submodes: INC (increment) mode, to set any whole number of beats per minute (BPM) from 8 to 208, and MM (Maelzel Metronome) mode, to more quickly set standard MM values and generalizations of these from 7.5 (= 60 ÷ 8) to 208 BPM.
  • Clock pulses per beat (PPB) variable from 1 to 24.
  • Clock pulse width (duty cycle) variable from 5% to 95%.
  • Interrupt based timer and encoder codes for accuracy.

Aside from some holes on the front panel that are either too small, because M3 screws won’t fit, or too big, because they’re kind of useless and might as well not be there, and from an incorrect but easily corrected push button connection, the first version works well.

More details including schematics, design files, Gerbers, BOM, etc. in the GitHub repo:

A few extra boards and panels will be up on my Tindie store soon.


Lovely and excellent as always!


Love it! The clock divs are so handy


For so long, SM TIK-TAK was on my list, on now, BOOOM :slight_smile:

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Nice, the original TIK-TAK was the first module I ever cobled together on strip board and the very first bunch of mistakes I got from JLC :wink:

Never circled back to do an updated and improved version of my own.

This looks Gr8.

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Got Clock?
I do now and that clock is rockin’ :smile:


Got mine working too


I’ve built one from plans yesterday! I skipped ordering PCBs and made it on a breadboard-style protoboard.

If of interest to anyone, these are the simplified plans I used for my own reference. Electrically identical but with the board-to-board hardware removed, to make the connections more explicit.

And this is my build thread: