I realised there was never a proper AAAPPPCCC thread. it seemed everyones efforts were spread about! if anyone has any vids of theirs or build questions definitely share onto this group!

there is going to be a different one in the same form factor with a new vinyl release in a month, but in the meantime due to a few requests I made a batch with modified panels (not related to these songs are obsolete)

2.0 panel builds


How may AAAPPPCCC’s is too many i wonder…are they easy to chain? :slight_smile:


Heck yes! I love mine. It’s in a bunch of my stuff. I have been toying with the idea of turning it into a noisy wall clock given its shape. I just haven’t been confident enough to drill holes in it.

Here’s a good stream with the AAAPPPCCC (though the camera angle could be better).


LMNC I am interested in one f those modified panels, maybe how do I go about getting one please ?


I believe they are on the shop site?

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awesome± glad it is getting used :D. yeah a clock would be cool or a twist in panel it spins into ha

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its a question I often ask myself however yes. not answered. maybe it needs a looking!


hey up! yeah! up on the store for the full set. I also have a fair few B stock panels with scuffs if its just the panel


i guess ive got nothing to lose if i do try haha, onto the pile with ongoing modules it goes, its getting a little stacked for my liking


I hate to be a pain and clutter this thread but i suppose its a good time to ask if you got my email while you seem to be around, just fired over a couple questions and such i thought youd know the answer to @lookmumnocomputer


all where you fire them? so many avenues of contact now a days impossible to keep on top of it ha


just the one on your page, i think it was more for donations to the museum but i couldnt find any other email so i just used it and hoped it would be ok

Hi all, picked up a kit at the museum a couple weeks back. I live in the Portugal, are there any recommendations for sites to source parts that ship from within the EU? I’m struggling to find stuff using google.
Want to avoid importing from the UK/outside the EU as shipments get stuck for ages with customs and they charge an arm and a leg extra for each shipment.
Specifically the thonkiconn jacks and apha B1M and B500K potentiometers I’m having trouble with

Might find something in this topic:

Thanks, I actually spent a bit longer and found almost all the parts on one site - the only thing they didn’t have were the 556 timers

Postage a bit steep at 19 EUR, but I guess it’s coming pretty far to Portugal. Total €54.08 excluding the 556 timers

nice one!! 556 timers will be an ebay job, should only be a couple of euro’s each, if that


Thanks Sam, looking forward to building the kit!
I managed to find the 556 timers locally on a site with a cool name
Makes me think of robots who enjoy a good pastel de nata.

Hi all. I have a question regarding the circuit. I took a look at the schematic trying to understand the circuit. The audio Jack J3’s sleeve is not connected to ground, but left floating. I was wondering if this is a mistake or on purpose? If it is on purpose, what is the effect?

Another question crossed my head. I assume the module can be used with other synth modules (thus the CV in jacks). However, CV can be -12 to +12 volts. Is it ok to put -12V at the 555 timer CV pin? Doesn’t this have to be a positive voltage?

The unconnected J3 sleeve is presumably an error and it should be connected to ground.

The LM556 datasheet is oddly silent about the voltage limits on the pins, but I would assume anything outside about -0.5 V to Vcc+0.5 V is not a good idea. In this circuit there’s no protection for the CV, so my guess is sticking -12 V on CV IN risks damaging the chip. In fact since it’s powered by 9 V, a +12 V signal is probably also not a good idea.