A declaration of small triumphs

I appear to have fried my last remaining functioning Nano with an exploding capacitor, but I did have a RedBoard (Uno clone) and a Nano I’d scrambled by writing outside (way outside) array bounds. So I learned how to hook them up and burn the bootloader:

And am back on the air. :slightly_smiling_face: (Only problem is, apparently it’s the new bootloader, so I have to keep track of that — the Tayda Nanos come with the old bootloader.)


I use one of these:

With this adapter:

It’s super easy to use with the Arduino IDE and when you’re not using it you get a spare Kosmo power connector.

Using a standard Uno/clone works perfectly well though.


finally the right sliders and the capacitors I missed . though I did manage to get the wrong size slider caps .