#2000 Megadrone

As far as I can see, it shouldnt be about the solder joints or the component values… All values are as stated in the bom. And i wouldnt figure that both alps pots are defective…

The Cv Input also doesn’t work, and turning the RV24 Trimmer, doesn’t do anything in any direction + I can turn it without any stop, it’s freely rotating as long as I want to turn it… it has a quiet clicking when i turn it for quite some time.

As there is sound from all oscillators, it would be quite refreshing to know what can even be wrong here…

Best wishes !


Number one rule of troubleshooting; expect the unexpected :smiley:
Have you reheated all the joints? Quite often it’s impossible to see where there’s a problem.


If there are no soldering errors, no wrong components, and no defective parts… then it’ll work. What else could it be? Design error, but it’s worked for other people.

So if it doesn’t work, it has to be one of those.

(OK, defective or damaged circuit board is possible, I guess.)

That’s normal, when you hear the clicking it’s reached the end. You can keep turning but the output won’t change past that.

If the master tune knob doesn’t do anything, the CV input doesn’t do anything, and the R24 trimmer doesn’t do anything… those separately affect the CV. Have you measured the CV at the wiper of RV22? If it’s zero then there is indeed a problem in the section @Dud posted. If it’s nonzero and it changes when you change the tuning knob and the oscillators’ pitch doesn’t change… then CV should be getting to the oscillators but is not affecting them, which suggests there’s something wrong with the MOSFETs — all of them. Wrong type, or defective batch, or something along those lines. (Check the CV at the MOSFETs to verify it’s getting to them.)


Thanks analog.
I metered for power, shorts and and other steps in the guide. Thank you for linking that.
I started to compare the lm386, transistors and mosfets part numbers from the bom to what I order/have in my hands. It seems to have generally the right component, but what I ordered are slightly different. I ordered LM386n-1, pn16nf06l mosfets.
Everything appears ok. Maybe I have some wrong components?

the lm386-1 is right the mosfets are P16NF06 and transistors are SS9018, the number one on the LM386 -1is the lowest output it goes as it has a 2 ,3 and then full 1watt number 4 , so LM386-1, -2,-3 and LM386-4

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If the 386 and transistors seem right. Then maybe it the mosfets? I’m kinda thinking I got a wrong part, or some cheap Amazon parts maybe?

Do they all act the same?

My Mega Drone was working like a champ no problems at all, but I plugged it in today and no sound comes out. Everything lights up and I have a connecting circuit from power to output. Does anyone have a recommendation of what might be going on?

They do, each osc’s led intensity changes when turning the tune knobs are turned.

The first thing maybe check with differents cables for out

After check the output jack socket solders point

If …

and after look the @analogoutput thread propose to check the circuit

good luck

If the LM386 stopped working for what ever reason would the volume drop to 0? I checked all of the connections and the output connections are all good. I’m kind of lost right now because like I said until just a couple of days ago it turned on and worked perfectly.

Hi Team!!!

Building the megadrone but I don’t have any 10M resistors, wondering if it is ok to use a 1M? keen to finish today so trying to find any solution!

Appreciate any help or info

That can work just if you put 10 x 1M in series (better to have a 10M :wink:


Hahahaha, thank you so much for posting it. I really wanted to say it :joy:


For some reason, only 3 oscillators on my megadrone are making sound. They are not at all effected by the master tune knob. The led for these 3 are on constantly.

Earlier today, it was working with the exception of these 3 still not being effected by the master tune knob.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? Any help is greatly appreciated!


hey i was curious, why does this use linear pots for the volume instead of logarithmic?

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I think that using log pots there would be too much ‘play’/variation bunched at either end of the wiper’s travel.

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Hello All! Is the PCB available to buy or the files somewhere? I have been looking around and can not find either. Sorry to respond almost 2 years late but I love this module from all the videos.

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Welcome to the forum.

the official source ist the LMNC Store but the 2000 Drone modules are currently not listed there. All public info is listed on the project-page. The shematics are there, you could build it. The gerber-files needed to produce the pcb are not public. sometimes classic modules get available again but that is up to the inventor.