1183/1184 Quad VCA BOM

1183/1184 Quad VCA BOM

Most parts are sourced from Tayda with the exception of the following:
BZX55C2V0, AS3360, and Tayda is almost always out of b100k 9mm pots.

VCA Mixer Board BOM

1: BZX55C2V0 (Mouser) BZX55C2V0 (Ebay)
Designator: D1, D2, D3, D4
Qty: 4

2: 10-Pin Eurorack Power Connector
Designator: J1
Qty: 1

3: TL072 Dual OpAmp
Designator: U7
Qty: 1

4: AS3360 (Electric Druid) AS3360 (Modular Addict)
Designator: U5, U6
Qty: 2

5: TL074 Quad OpAmp
Designator: U1, U2, U3, U4
Qty: 4

6: Ferrite Beads or 10R (10 Ohm) Metal Film Resistor
Designator: FB1, FB2
Qty: 2

7: 1k Metal Film Resistor
Designator: R39, R40, R47, R48, R57, R58, R59, R60, R72
Qty: 9

8: 100k Metal Film Resistor
Designator: R9, R10, R11, R12, R13, R14, R15, R16, R17, R18, R19, R20, R21, R22, R23, R24, R25, R26, R27, R28, R29, R30, R31, R32, R49, R50, R51, R52, R53, R54, R55, R56, R65, R66, R67, R68, R69, R70, R71
Qty: 39

9: 47k Metal Film Resistor
Designator: R35, R38, R43, R46
Qty: 4

10: 20k Metal Film Resistor
Designator: R34, R37, R42, R45
Qty: 4

11: 6k8 Metal Film Resistor
Designator: R33, R36, R41, R44
Qty: 4

12: 470k Metal Film Resistor
Designator: R2, R4, R6, R8
Qty: 4

13: 220k Metal Film Resistor
Designator: R1, R3, R5, R7
Qty: 4

14: 2N3904
Designator: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
Qty: 4

15: 6.35mm Box Style Jack Sockets
Designator: J6, J7, J8, J9, J10, J11, J12, J13, J14, J15, J16, J17, J22
Qty: 13

17: Male Single Row 2.54mm Header (40-Pin, Break off into four 8-Pin Headers for the Main Board)
Designator: J2, J3, J4, J5
Qty: 1 (Qty: 4 1x8-Pin Headers)

15: 100nf (0.1uf) Ceramic Capacitor
Designator: C3, C4, C7, C8, C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, C14
Qty: 10

16: 4n7 (0.0047uF/4700pF ) Ceramic Capacitor
Designator: C5, C6
Qty: 2

17: 10uf Electrolytic Capacitor
Designator: C1,C2
Qty: 2

VCA Daughter Board BOM

1: SPDT ON-ON Mini Toggle Switch
Designator: SW1, SW2, SW3, SW4
Qty: 4

2: DPDT ON-ON Mini Toggle Switch
Designator: SW5, SW6, SW7, SW8
Qty: 4

3: B100k 9mm Alpha Potentiometer (Tayda - almost always out of stock) B100k 9mm Alpha Potentiomer (Modular Addict)
Designator: RV1, RV2, RV3, RV4, RV5
Qty: 5

4: 1k Metal Film Resistor
Designator: R61, R62, R63, R64
Qty: 4

5: 8-Pin Female Single Row 2.54mm Header (for Daughter Board)
Designator: J18, J19, J20, J21
Qty: 4

6: 5mm LED
Designator: D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10, D11, D12
Qty: 8

Happy Building!


very nice! ill pop a link on the page :smiley:


So Mouser doesn’t stock the BZX55C2V0 Zener diode that you linked to.

They do stock this one though, which I think will work? Can someone confirm this who knows more than I do about circuits and reading data sheets?


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Yes, the R0G bit is just a packaging code (R0 for reel which doesn’t matter unless you buy 10,000 of them, G for halogen free). Any 2 V zener will work here (1N4615, 1N4679, BZX55C2V0, BZX79C2V0, …) or if you cannot find 2 V anything from 1.9 to 2.4 V or so should be fine (and the diode will usually don’t do anything, it’s there’s to keep the CV to the chip within spec, in case you try to overwhelm the circuitry…)

EDIT: Added some alternatives.


Edited to include the link to the R0G version - whoops - lol

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@lookmumnocomputer your projects page of your website says AS3340


thanks for letting me know!!! fixing now :smiley:


Im going to claim credit for this cause i got them confused earlier. :B

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@d42kn355 I really appreciate you make these tayda lists bro!


I have troubles with finding the jack sockets here in Germany… I am considering tayda, but there are sometimes issues with importing this stuff. Anyone used tayda from Germany? I am not sure where they are based, but if they are in the UK, there should be no problem with import right?

I found these at musikding.de, but I am not sure if they will match. It looks like there are too many outputs…

Tayda is from Taiwan. I have heard mixed results for imports in Euro. Hope its better in Germany.

Tayda is shipping from Bangkok (i.e. Thailand, not Taiwan) for Europe. I don’t know what the “customs don’t care” threshold is for Germany, but haven’t had any issues in not-Germany.


Seems like getting anything from EU takes ages to get here in the states. Probably the same vice versa? Meanwhile tayda can deliver parts from Bangkok in 2 days

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If you’re in the US, odds are they ship from Colorado; shipping from Thailand to Europe might take a couple more days (if using DHL).

Yikes, nine terminals? Stereo with double pole switches on both channels, looks like. You could undoubtedly use these, but I think you’d need only pins 3, 4, and 9.

Looks like the 6,3mm Stereo jack with 2 SPDT switches which is a bit overkill. They’re cheaper than their (not available) mono jacks, though :slight_smile:

Looking at what’s available from the musik thingies, maybe 6,3mm Stereo jack or 6,3mm Stereo jack with switch could work? (not sure if you need switches or not).

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That is the case once it arrives in the US. The info isnt available to me now, but I seem to recall the DHL express tracking showing it ship from Taiwan to China to the States (Colorado).

They’re headquartered in Thailand. They have a facility in Colorado and all my recent orders have been posted (USPS) from there. Or at least shipping label created there and package marked mailed from there.

Where are we

Tayda Electronics corporate offices are in Bangkok, Thailand. We also have warehouse, shipping and logistics centers both in Bangkok and in Colorado, USA. Our software developers and various marketing staff are in Durango, Colorado USA. Our Electronics kit testers are in Durango and Bangkok


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The mail operators they list for Registered Mail has nothing to do with where they are shipping from, though; these actors all compete and the best price for any specific shipment depends on weight, volume, destination, time of day, the phase of the moon, etc, … (ok, maybe exaggerating slightly, but international mail is extremely competitive and involves a lot of actors buying and selling capacity and actors trying to find the cheapest path through that maze, e.g. things like www.orangeconnex.com).

(see the link I posted for where Tayda have their physical warehouses.)

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Im not saying that they dont have warehouses in many places, i was just explaining that i have personal experience that says they do not always ship from those warehouses. I was just trying to say that ymmv because of what the warehouse may have in stock. If there are other reasons thats cool too. :slight_smile: