1008 MIDI to Trigger


I don’t think I personaly have a need for this, so I ordered it anyway…


It’s the only way to be sure.tiny

Looks an awful lot like the 1007, which it seems is unfortunately not in the store anymore!

So for someone unfamiliar with how Midi and modular talks to each other…

How is this different from the 1007?

This just outputs triggers. A MIDI to CV outputs triggers, gates, and CVs.

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According to the “stuff” page I see the following “All outputs can be assigned to anything be it note outputs or program changes.” Probably have to wait for Sam to chime in but I’d interpret that as being able to split across trigger outs and CV/Gate pairs if you modify the Arduino code? I missed out on the 1007 and have a handful or Barton drum PCBs in the queue as well as the DR55 clone from circuit benders, will have to pick this up if it’s truly that flexible.

“this squeezes 18 trigger outputs into a 10cm wide module, with 2 midi thru connections. it is based on an arduino nano on the back and some code can be modified to send start stop commands and midi clocks if you don’t need all 18 trigger outputs”

Putting out CVs would require different hardware than triggers/gates: Either a DAC, or a PWM filter. I think he just means notes or program changes can generate trigger outputs.

I would assume the 1007 is just out of stock (sometimes the listing disappears if something’s out of stock) and will be back. The 1008 would be a simpler and specialized, complementary module mainly for triggering drums.


I need to fix my drum module… It’s about the only thing I can trigger with the 1008 of any use.

Oooh, I see the code is up. Build this week if I have the energy, been on holiday and a bit nackered.

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