Midi2gate module

Hi, I have my midi2gate module ready and also a little bit tested :wink: It works! Nothing fancy, but I needed a simple module, because I want to add some drums to my setup! It still has “midi2trigger” on it, but it’s midi2gate really! xD

It has software midi-thru and is currently configured to map gates 1-12 to midi notes 36 to 48 on channel 10, but this is easily changed in software.

The progress so far has been reported in this thread, but I thought I might make a separate one for the finished module.
I have to thank all the people involved in that thread, @klausklaerwerk, @analogoutput, @fredrik, @Caustic, @twinturbo, @Jos, @moscione , @jaradical !!

Here is the link to the github:

There is probably stuff missing if you want to edit the kicad files, getting all the footprints etc. organized is challenging for me, but I will work on it :wink: The gerbers and code should be complete, even though they also still have “midi2trigger” on them. :slight_smile: I also still need to add the external pulldown resistors for the next iteration. I also need to add a license, should be MIT or CC-BY or something like this…
I will have 3 or 4 pcb sets for sale, preferably in Europe, because shipping, I will add it to the BST thread soon.