Midi2gate module

Hi, I have my midi2gate module ready and also a little bit tested :wink: It works! Nothing fancy, but I needed a simple module, because I want to add some drums to my setup! It still has “midi2trigger” on it, but it’s midi2gate really! xD

It has software midi-thru and is currently configured to map gates 1-12 to midi notes 36 to 48 on channel 10, but this is easily changed in software.

The progress so far has been reported in this thread, but I thought I might make a separate one for the finished module.
I have to thank all the people involved in that thread, @klausklaerwerk, @analogoutput, @fredrik, @Caustic, @twinturbo, @Jos, @moscione , @jaradical !!

Here is the link to the github:

There is probably stuff missing if you want to edit the kicad files, getting all the footprints etc. organized is challenging for me, but I will work on it :wink: The gerbers and code should be complete, even though they also still have “midi2trigger” on them. :slight_smile: I also still need to add the external pulldown resistors for the next iteration. I also need to add a license, should be MIT or CC-BY or something like this…
I will have 3 or 4 pcb sets for sale, preferably in Europe, because shipping, I will add it to the BST thread soon.


Hi Sebastian,

When the Arduinio code is programmed, will to show any ‘regular’ things printed on the ‘IDE monitor/console’?

At this moment I am trying to load the code on an esp8266 board (I don’t have any spare Arduino) which seems to succeed, but I see garbled messages on the console. This could be due to wrong bitrate.

Also wondering if there are any PCB’s left in ‘stock’ for me to buy and experiment with.

Many thanks!


Hey Ronald! There are no debug messages, but by default, midi-thru is enabled. That means that incoming midi messages are repeated to the midi out, which is also the serial out. So you should be able to see the incoming midi messages there. For uploading your code onto the Arduino/microprocessor, you might need to disconnect from the pcb, because the midi in circuit can interfere.
Did you see that there is a test in the code you can enable? This just turns on and of the leds without any midi input.
Since you are using a different microprocessor you might also check if the midi library works on that one as expected, especially the serial out can be different…
I think I have a board left, I will check tonight, but note that I am in Germany and sending this only makes sense if you are on the same continent I guess :wink:

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Hi Sebastian,

I do not have a board yet, so if you have one spare and want to pass it on, that would be helpful. Otherwise I have to order a new set.
Are you on Discord chat also? I would like to PM which is not possible via this board?
I am in The Netherlands, so shipping should not be a big issue…

You should be able to use the message facility here. Do you not see the Message button?


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New members (trust levels below 2) usually don’t have access to PMs in order to prevent spam. @sebastian should be able to initiate the conversation though.


Good point! I sent a DM from my side, thank you @Sonosus :slight_smile:


Huh, it’s easier to get PM privs than I thought:

10 minutes’ activity?

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@acfnews Discourse automoderated one of your posts as spam. I hope @sebastian was able to dm you, but in case he hasnt, ill go ahead and adjust your trust level ahead of time since ive seen you on the discord server already.

Yes, we are in contact! Many thanks for the clarification and I will try to se if I can increase my trust levels!

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