Width of Kosmo Modules from LMNC shop?

Hey all,

I’m new here. I have just got sucked into starting to build some Kosmo modules, and considering building a case. I can’t seem to find the width specified anywhere for the panels being sold on the LMNC main shop.

Can anybody point me in the right direction? This will help me plan things out. Thank you!


Welcome. Check out Sam’s synth DIY series on YouTube. He covers the case build and why kosmo is usually 10x20 cm. (Some are wider)


Hi unexpectedbowtie and welcome .

1222 VCO - 10 CM

1183 QUADVCA -10 CM

1157 ADSR - 5 CM

1145 VCLFO - 10 CM

1007 MIDIMUSO CV - 10 CM


1114 FILTER GRR - 10 CM

1117 OBA - 5 CM

these are all I have in my rack at the time there are a few more out there .


1181 Dual VCA - 5cm
1113 Performance Filter - 20cm
1161 Dual Buffered Mult - 5cm
1163 Mini Mixer - 5cm
2000 Megadrone - 40cm
1153 Bounce Bounce - 5cm

Think that covers all the ‘official’ ones…

Oh! You also might be able to buy one of Sam’s ‘Fart Box’ pcb’s which requires a custom enclosure. That one isn’t really a module (although I have seen people DIY a front panel for it on here somewhere…) so your mileage (and its size) may vary. It’s not on the store at the moment, so I assume he has sold out of his last run but it might come back…


Yeah! I’ve checked that out. I knew some of them were wider, which is why I was curious. Thank you :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the info! This is exactly what I was after. Same to @devicex


Thanks. I checked this thread, but it seemed like it included lots of folks DIY panels etc, which might be different. The search function on discourse also acts weird (you can’t just cmd+f and search on a page), so I couldn’t find the specifics I was after.


Don’t overcomplicate it. They’re all multiples of 2.5 cm. From the photos it’s pretty obvious which ones are 5 cm, which are 10, which are 20 or 40. (I don’t think any of Sam’s are 2.5 or 7.5 or other multiples.)


On the search box at the top there is a “Search This Topic” checkbox

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Also, at least in Chrome, you can use the browser’s menu >> Find… to do a search on the page.

Yeah. It displays the results in a list on a new page though, rather than highlighting the use of the word on the actual page. That makes it much harder to find things as you can’t quickly scan the surrounding context. It’s a feature of Discourse that I really dislike.

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yeah what he said . but in the end your case will always be to small :wink:


I’d like to revisit this question, now that more third parties have produced Kosmo modules.

Is there a pronounced community preference for multiples of 50mm over multiples of 25mm?

Browsing Kosmodulargrid, I see there’s comparatively very few 25mm and 75mm projects, not a single 125mm one.

I find 75mm a pretty comfy size to fit in two jacks without feeling cramped.


I tend to like 75 mm for three jacks across — or two of course if the knobs call for it. I squeezed four jacks across in once but would not do it again. Some have previously voiced dislike of non multiples of 50 mm but to me some modules just are too cramped at 50 mm and too sparse at 100 mm. I haven’t done any 125 mm but wouldn’t rule out using it; I’d use any multiple of 25 with no qualms, though I’d probably gravitate more readily to 100 or 150. But I’m designing for me, not the community.


So far I have used 25mm only for a multiple, but I have quite a few 75mm modules and think it’s a good size. I need to upload some more to GitHub and kosmodulargrid :wink:


that reminds me… I’m 90% done on a better interface to kosmodulargrid. stay tuned! I’ll find time to finish off somewhere this month.


Remember, the first 90% of the job takes 90% of the time, and the last 10% of the job takes the other 90% of the time.


That is becoming apparent.


I have a couple of 25’s ( ADSR, VCA ) useful in places and as test bench modules.

50’s are more my norm over the last year or so. Got a few to finish off. And the 5x75’s for the “Cheap Step Pro” which is still on my to finish list.