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Hello everyone;
I have a KORG volca samle drum machine and I was wondering if it was possible to create an output for each sound like on the TR808 or on a LinnDrum for example…

I don’t know if on these drum machines it’s sounds that come out of the individual outputs or if it’s just electrical impulses to trigger things like modules or something else.

The idea would be to be able to use it as a trigger. A bit like the “BIG BUTTON”.

For the moment I have a mix output and sync output and input.

Thanks for your help ;¬)
Sorry for my englishT_T

Enoha Roubaud

From what I know about it, splitting the output is not possible. I do know there is an absolutely GREAT unofficial firmware for it that I use which simplifies midi control over it and unlocks a ton of functionality. Here’s the thread.


As heckseven says, the firmware called Pajen firmware is great, the Volca is polyphonic, 3 kinds of reverb and 1000 other cool things. I run the Volca as a “drum machine” for the modular. But, as far as I know, nothing can be triggered with it.


You can probably fix that limitation fairly easily. I believe the signal levels of the Volca range are 3.3V so all you need for a trigger is a transistor output stage to bring that pulse up to 5V. You can find a suitable design in the schematic for Bela Salt (look for TR_OUT_1). Just a generic NPN transistor and four resistors are needed.

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You mean this, right? Is the same as TR_OUT_1. Well then we have found a solution for it. Of course, it would make more sense if you had individual outputs on the Volca. In my view.
Volca Ausgang als Trigger nutzen

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Just out of curiosity, how are you bringing the volca line level up to synth level?

Yes, it’s the same circuit for all of the trigger outs. The Bela output signals are all 3.3V (based on the Beaglebone Black’s standard logic level) and that circuit’s sole purpose is to bring the trigger voltage up to Eurorack level.

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I just used Sam’s super simple mixer, but changed the resistance at input 1 from 100k to 47k, it works fine.


wow thanks for all your answers and sorry to answer so late!

As for Pajen I’m going to install it on my Volca. It seems to be a great improvement that would allow me to control it with a master keyboard to play it like a synthesizer :slight_smile:
I found this yesterday : " https://ranzee.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/PAJEN-7-USER-GUIDEv0_9.pdf "

but I don’t really understand how it works and what the TR_OUT_1 circuit is for… :sweat_smile:

i’m french sorry for my english :grimacing:

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You install this new firmware on your Volca using the steps described, after connecting it to your computer through the 3.5mm Sync In jack.

It works like before with the addition of some new features which are described in the PDF at the link you gave.

The TR_OUT_1 circuit I referred to is not needed, but it’s handy if you want to amplify 3.3V trigger pulses from the Volca Sample to 5V so they will work with Eurorack trigger inputs.

Your English is very good.


…et en cas de doute, postez simplement en français! :smiley:


Probably goes for most European languages (even Doric).

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hehe thank you :wink: (with the help of DeepL sometimes :sweat_smile:)

I’m asking myself another question : do the triggering impulses of the volca come out through the audio output? I’m asking myself this question maybe a bit stupid because the audio output is sound so I can’t see very well where the trigger pulses come from…

It’s entirely my fault. I’ve only studied Volca Modular which I believe has a trigger output. Looking at the panel of Volca Sample I now see that there is no trigger output jack. I saw the name Volca but didn’t realise this was a reference to a completely different bit of electronics.

It’s possible to improvise a trigger using the Sync output, perhaps, or even by going inside the case and tapping a suitable point. It probably wouldn’t be such a good idea.

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ok no problem it was just an idea like that.
But yes if it’s complicated I might as well destroy my volca sample. Anyway I’m building my BIG BUTTON trigger. I have a lot of problems with this project but maybe one day I’ll have my BIG BUTTON working…

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As for installing the PAJEN firmware, I can’t manage to remove it from my Volca at all. I sometimes have problems when I want to download my samples so I change the audio output volume of my computer. But it doesn’t work…

From the PDF:

You can restore the Volca Sample to its factory state using the official Korg firmware
available on Korg’s website.

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Oh sorry I got the wrong word! It’s not that I can’t remove it, it’s more that I can’t install it…
It changes the meaning of the sentence! :sweat_smile:

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Have you managed to get the Volca to display the “UPdt” message by holding down Func and Play while you turn it on? Then you need to play the PAJEN-7 update file on your computer, so the audio output of that file goes into the Sync In jack. While you’re doing this you should see the update progress displayed on the sample step button LEDs.

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Yes I managed to do all this but as soon as I read my audio file the Volca tells me “errDcod”.

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